Weekly Mind Dump: Merry Christmas!

✪ We had one baptized on Sunday! Praise the Lord. We were able to find a new baptistry that has a metal frame and much better quality than a kiddie pool to use for indoor baptisms in the winter.

✪ We also invited some friends from Harbin down to spent some time with for the holidays and also asked Pastor Levi to preach for us on that Sunday. He did a tremendous job! God has given us a unique relationship over the years since he was my Chinese teacher for over two years. He and his wife were a blessing while they were here!

✪ I asked the church to pray about giving a special offering to be able to bless them this Christmas. I was blown away with how much they gave. It was probably our largest single offering! (We also started “mobile giving,” where they can scan a QR code and give instantly. Four people gave this way this past Sunday. We are trying to keep up with technology as it is moving so fast here.)

✪ The Christmas celebrations start tonight! We have a team Christmas party with our Chinese and American team. Then tomorrow we have our family Christmas time. Friday and Saturday we will be having Christmas with family in the States over FaceTime. Sunday is our Christmas service and outreach. Its is going to be a busy and enjoyable few days!

✪ I got a call from a supporting church to let us know they had been praying for us and did a special fundraiser for us. It was such a blessing and answer to prayer!

✪ I love reading the Bible. God has been teaching me so much lately! Are you reading your Bible?

✪ It has been warmer than usual this winter. Which might sound good, but for Northern China, it isn’t good news. They burn coal here for the heat, and when the weather isn’t cold enough, the “smog” doesn’t go away. So the past few days have been very polluted. Polluted to the point that it is advised not to exercise.

✪ A man in the church is building custom air filter machines to filter all the air in the church. This is going to cost us about $900, but it will be cheaper than buying the machines and will efficiently filter the air to grade 1 air quality. This will make it healthy for the church members and create a healthy space to work during the week. If you would like to give towards this need, please let me know!

✪ Pray for Sunday, I am preaching about the God who became flesh versus idols.

✪ Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

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