Weekly Mind Dump: Happy New Year!

✪ The man who was saved and baptized recently officially joined the church this past Sunday.

✪ The weather has been warmer these past two weeks which means the air pollution has been bad. I haven’t been able to run. I noticed a major difference running on a good day and a bad day. So now I am avoiding the “heavily polluted” days

✪ “PM2.5” is a term that we are starting to hear about more often concerning air pollution. The “PM” stands for “particulate matter” that are microscopic solid or liquid matter suspended in the Earth’s atmosphere. Sometimes they are natural, and sometimes these are man-made. Either way, they affect the climate around us and our health. The “2.5” means the particles are very fine with a diameter of 2.5 micrometers or less. These are harmful to use because of their ability to go deep into our lungs or blood streams without being filtered. It is this harmful matter that we are trying to regulate and keep to a safe level.

✪ Today is my wife birthday! Happy Birthday babe! She is a great wife and mother! I love her so much!

✪ Christmas service in the morning went good, but we didn’t have any new visitors come for it. The kids Christmas program brought in several visitors in the evening. Overall we were able to give about 30-40 books about the meaning of Christmas.

✪ On Christmas night, the kids and I went door-to-door in our apartment building and wished our neighbors “Merry Christmas” and gave them one of the books as a present. We passed out 10 more books there. Most were friendly and receptive but others wouldn’t open the door and didn’t want the book. Someone even called security on us. Security knew what we were doing though and it wasn’t a big deal. Three little girls aren’t really that intimidating.

✪ I have studied about Spring festival. I am understanding more about the Thanksgiving/Christmas atmosphere that it creates for Chinese people and why they see it as so important. Also, the beginnings of it has so much in common with the passover story in the Bible. I will probably share a lesson on it in the future.

✪ Pray for young men to be raised up to lead this church and help us start more churches. We have several young men serving in the church but none have made commitments to full-time ministry.

✪ It is New Year’s eve eve…so, “Happy New Year!” Pray for us and the ministry here as we head into the new year!

Galatains is finsihed! Check out the Docs page to download the sermons in English or Chinese.

1 thought on “Weekly Mind Dump: Happy New Year!

  1. Mrs. Judy (Wm. M.) Sanders

    So thankful for your updates and to to hear how the lord is blessing. We are now at Unity Bapt. Church in Lizella, Ga. and you & your family are on our prayer list. We first met you at Calvary Bapt. in Macon, Ga.
    Mrs. Judy Sanders


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