Weekly Mind Dump: 2016, Boom Shakalaka!

✪ Our annual PHOTO JOURNAL is done, and you can see the pics here, or you can watch the VIDEO version here.

✪ I met with a Korea man who is a teacher at one of the universities. He is using our Firm Foundations as material for an English class he is hosting!

✪ We recently had a foreign girl who considered joining as a member but said she didn’t know if she could because of the danger. Fear is a very real thing here.

✪ We started mobile giving. Why? Hip and cool! Not really… but paying for things through your phone has quickly become a way of life here. This past December they had a special day where almost every store in the city was willing to give you a discount if you paid through your mobile device. We have had people give though it almost every week. Even old members who aren’t in the city anymore! Just as I was writing this, I person contacted me and gave a large offering to the church through our mobile giving. Praise the Lord!

✪ We are giving out the red banners that Chinese people hang around there doors for Spring Festival, but with the following sayings: “来信耶稣,神子舍命爱满尘世,罪人得救乐极人间”! :-)

✪ We have been helping our teammates arrange things on this end before their departure to China at the end of the month. The internet has changed how missionaries move to the field, being able to find apartments and furniture online before ever arriving on the field. I think we visited around 14 apartments or so on their behalf and helped them secure one.

✪ We were able to get custom air filtration machines for our house and the church. The church cost about $900 to do and our house cost about another $900. But we should be able to have clean air all year 24/7 while inside.

✪ Since I finished teaching through Galatians (available here) I have started teaching through Jonah in its place. So now we are going through Matthew and Jonah as a church.

✪ They just now put up the Christmas lights! What! Well, they are actually “Spring Festival” lights. But it always feels weird when there are no “lights” before Christmas and then after Christmas the whole city turns into a Winter Wonder Land! Spring Festival is coming, and the city transforms! This also means we are about to have an exodus as everyone returns home for the holidays… anywhere from three days to four months! But we will also have visitors as a result of it–hopefully!

✪ Our oldest daughter is already out of Chinese school and doesn’t start again until March. But she gets to do homeschool during the break!

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