Weekly Mind Dump: Getting Caught Up…

✪ Things have been a whirlwind over the past few weeks. My last Weekly Mind Dump was on January 13, 2016! Some stories are too long for this weekly mind dump, so I will have to write individual posts for those. So it is time to get caught up…

✪ Our new teammates arrived on the 27th, and we have been helping them get setup ever since. They have done great adapting so far and have made tons of progress getting setup for the amount of time they have been in the country.

✪ I watched our home church’s blessing service for this family, and I was reminded of two things: (1) Our home church loves China! Not only have they sent one family to China already, but they were sending another family that night and they have two more who are planning on coming! All of the paid staff including their wives have been to China. Two deacons and their wives have been to China. I would say that our home church cares about getting the gospel to China! (2) Our home church has a common goal: training men! It was a common theme you heard as people got up and gave testimonies about the family that was being sent out–they all seemed to know the mission was to send them to come over and train others!

✪ Our middle daughter turned four years old! She is a character and loves to snuggle and be a goof ball. Please pray that as she grows in her knowledge of the Lord Jesus that she will trust him as Lord and Saviour.

✪ The Sunday before Chinese New Year we had a dumpling making activity! Everyone who was still in town came, and we had a great turnout. I preach the morning service and then we made dumplings together afterwards and ate them for lunch. It is probably something we will try to do every year at this time. Chinese New Year’s Eve was the following Sunday, and our attendance dropped majorly. The “Eve” is the big day of celebration, so most were out of town or with family. We were expecting this but enjoy a good morning service with those who were able to come.

✪ We have one young man interning at the church during the Chinese holiday season. Please pray that God works in his heart during this time.

✪ Chinese New Year has been fun so far. We went out on Sunday night and had a big meal, gave out red envelopes, set off fireworks and even visited a friend’s house in the countryside to celebrate with his family. They were sweet, and we were honored to be invited into their home for the holidays! (We were also a lot less nervous and enjoyed our time much more which was a good indicator of our language and cultural adaptation.)

✪ Our neighbors had to leave for another city unexpectedly so they asked if I could take care of their birds for them while they were away and gave me the key to their house. We are thankful for the relationships and trust we are building in the community.

✪ Good article to read: 5 Ladies Who Give Women in Ministry a Bad Name

✪ We are praying about buying a van. We need to sell our car and upgrade to something bigger. Something that can hold our family and others so we can use it as a way to help more people. When we get more information about specifics, we will update. Please be praying with us about this.

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