Where Are You Going?—A Story Of Modern Persecution

In a recent update, I mentioned about us having a dumpling activity. That Sunday, something else happened that I didn’t fully understand until the following week.

One of the older ladies in our church whom our children call “grandma” had a different Sunday morning than I did. She didn’t get saved at our church but visited not too long after she did and got clarity, assurance and baptized in our church (the government church she attended before was charismatic and bordered baptismal regeneration). She has been growing, and you can see the change in her life. Her friends and family have even mentioned the positive change.

Her husband is against her coming to church. But she has seen a change in the way that she respects him, and she has told him that change has come because she is a Christian now and she is following what the Bible says. It has been an active witness. But he is still against her coming to church.

She is a servant. She helps with the food every week, helps my wife plan activities, helps clean and helps watch the kids and do the nursery. She is a blessing to our church, and we consider her family.

Although her husband is against her coming to church, he will allow her to come if she says she is coming to help with children or something of that nature. But this past Sunday when we had the dumpling activity, she was leading it. She was leaving her house on Sunday morning with several of the things we would need for the activity. Her husband asked her, “Where are you going?” She told him she was heading to the church, and we were having a special activity that day. What happened next was hard to hear. Her husband was angry and from what I was told there was yelling and he ripped her cross necklace off, pushed her down or kicked her, and her leg somehow got a huge gash in it from the confrontation. However it ended, she showed up at church that morning with a smile on her face.

In fact, that whole Sunday I never would of know that something was wrong with her. She was abused by her husband for coming to church. But she didn’t complain or draw attention to herself. She served relentlessly that whole day. By that afternoon, we knew there was some argument that happened, but this wasn’t uncommon, so we told her she could come to our house for awhile (as we need someone to watch the kids while we went out).

She didn’t complain. She suffered with joy. She showed us how to glorify God in suffering.

I didn’t hear the whole story and see the gash in her leg until later, but when I found out and realized that she serve so graciously in spite of all that happened I was thankful for what Jesus had done in her life!

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