March 2016 Prayer Letter

Thank you for your wonderful support and prayers. We have entered into another season of ministry as our calendar gets full again since the holidays are over now. The Lord has blessed and we are seeing an increase already in the work that the Lord is doing here in China.

Please praise the Lord and be in prayer with us over the following:

  • As we reported last month, the Lord has allowed a new family to arrive in China. This month starts their full-time language studies. Please pray for them as they endeavor to learn the Chinese language to be able to minister in the heart language of the people.
  • Also, as we reported last month, the Lord provided extra space for the church to use, giving us the funds we needed in just a week’s time. Now we are finished with all our renovations and we are using both spaces for ministry. We are thankful for this blessing!
  • Over the Chinese holidays, we had one Chinese young man who interned with me for about 6 weeks. His last week he preached his first message. Another young men in the church also recently preached his first message. Please pray for these young men and that God would use them greatly! We are praying for God to raise up men to lead this church and to plant more churches.
  • Our family has overcome much of the original sicknesses that we had since mid last year. Since we have been able to regulate the air pollution in our home and church space, we have seen an increase in our health. But please pray for the kids as they are getting the yearly colds/strep throat from being around others kids now that school is back in session. Also, pray for our rambunctious middle child as she had to get stitches for the second time from hitting her head while playing.
  • Please pray with us about the funds we need to raise to purchase a larger vehicle for our growing family and ministry. We are trying to raise $15,000. We are praying that God will give us the funds by April so that we can go forward with buying the vehicle.
  • Please pray with us about a few salvation decisions of some ladies in the church who have come for a while but have yet to make a decision. My wife has worked with them. Recently, one told us she was ready to get baptized later this month. Amen! Please pray for the others.
  • The kids club and all our ministries have started back and it is exciting to see what God is doing. Please pray the we can reach more souls with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Thank you! We know that we couldn’t do anything without the help of God’s people. Thank you for giving, praying and being a part of our team, Project China.

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