Blessed! I get to work with great people!

I am truly blessed. I get to work with so many great people who serve in so many ways. The Lord has built us a small team of missionaries who are at different stages, but all work together to further the ministry in China.

  • My wife has done a great job at leading the women’s ministry. She taught them in Chinese at their last meeting and I very proud of her for doing so. She has hosted several activities to reach out to them and organize areas for the women to serve in the church. Also, she has helped lead and teach the kids’ club that we host on Sunday mornings. She plans the lessons and sends the instructions out to everyone for that week. She wears many hats around the church and is often the one who has the stress of having to do something if someone else doesn’t show up.
  • Dan and Kasey have also been a blessing to the minsitry. We didn’t know them before we came to China, but the Lord has allowed our paths to cross and we have become great friends and partners in the ministry. Dan leads our music ministry and uses it to reach out to new people. Kasey helps with the kids ministry and is gifted with coming up with great craft ideas to help the kids remember that day’s lesson.
  • Ben and Crystal are the newest to join us here. They also have been a blessing and help in the short amount of time that they have been here. Both are dedicated to learning the language and they show it by the hours they put into studying the language everyday. They are making great progress. They don’t just study the language but also serve. They both help with the games at kids’ club so that kids have fun and want to come back. Ben practises his Chinese by greeting people as they come in and reaches out to others at our English corner. Crystal helps in the small areas that most people won’t notice, like restocking things when they are out, helping with the dishes after our Sunday lunch or watching the kids. We have already seen a few visitors on Sunday morning from their influence.

I am blessed to be able to call all of them my friends.

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