May 2016 Prayer Letter

Spring is here and the cherry blossoms are in full bloom and so is the ministry! God is good! This month we would like to update you about the following areas:

Friday Night Outreach: Every Friday night for the past several months we have hosted a men’s night at the church to fellowship with the men in the church, as well as, a way to funnel new people we meet into our circle of friends so that we can build a relationship with them. This has been very effective in accomplishing both goals. My wife has helped lead something similar for the women, but they do theirs monthly. This outreach has been part of the process for the fruit the we have seen over the past few months. Please continue to pray as we evangelize new people and edify the believers.

Church Update: I am now teaching through Matthew and teaching a 10-week series on marriage that has been helpful to me personally and to the church. Many of our church members have never heard these Biblical principles about marriage and they often go against Chinese culture. The kid’s club has helped us with getting more families to visit the church so we pray that these messages will especially be a blessing and witness to them. The young man we mentioned last month is still training part-time for the ministry. Please continue praying for him. His english name is Frank.

Teammates, Interns, Short-termers: Our teammates in language school continue to do a great job and are making great progress in the language. We are very proud of them. We have been contacted by another family who is moving here in the next few months or so, Lord willing, to also help in the ministry. Currently, there is a short-term group here that is serving. We have an intern coming this month that will be here through the summer. And we have a church visiting at the end of summer. Please pray for these individuals that we will be a blessing to them and that they will be a blessing to the ministry.

Financial Support: We don’t have a scheduled date for furlough, nor do we know when we will return to the States to be able to raise more funds, but we are trying to raise an additional $250 of monthly support. Our middle child has started preschool this month and our oldest daughter is also in school. These expenses are higher than we expected them to be, but the benefits are worth it, especially when it comes to learning the language. Please pray that we can raise the additional monthly support needed.

Thank you! We know that we couldn’t do anything without the help of God’s people. Thank you for giving, praying and being a part of our team, Project China.

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