Random Mind Dump: Recently…

✪ The weekly mind dump is dead. Sorry. There is so much to be done and I have to choose the better of two good things I could be doing at the moment. Although, I will still send out “random mind dumps” as time permits.

✪ One of the things that we have been doing is making sure that all my sermons are in a reproducible format so that we can help future leaders and assist other churches, as well as use them to edify our current and future church members. You will also get to see the benefit of these lessons because I will schedule one of them to go out every Thursday on the blog (as has been the case).

✪ I recently read Shepherding a Child’s Heart and it radically changed that way I view things, especially my parenting. It has been powerful book in my life recently.

✪ Our two oldest daughters have been enjoying going to Chinese school. We just visited both schools for celebrations recently. Our littlest is speaking more Chinese than English, which is the first of our kids to do that.

✪ The Lord has given us more kids and parents in our services recently. Pray that we can see them saved and growing members of the church. Our church dynamic has really changed over the past year.

✪ I had an old church member contact me. She left the church because she wanted to attend the services of a college fellowship ministry instead. After several months, she realize they were a cult or have wrong doctrine and she wants to come back. Praise the Lord for that.

✪ I have finished proofing the English version of some marriage lessons we have been working on. We are still working on proofing the Chinese version as I finish teaching them at the church. You can download them on the docs page. The ten lessons will also be added to the Firm Foundation Discipleship series. Also, I have uploaded a bunch of other stuff you can have a look at.

✪ We have an intern who has joined us for ten-weeks. She is doing a great job. Pray for her as she continues to serve and reach out to the Chinese people.

✪ There is also a short-term group visiting the city and we set it up for them to teach some of the kid’s English at their homes, one-on-one, as an outreach opportunity. So far the parents have been very grateful for the opportunity and many are coming to church each week now.

✪ God is good. I am so thankful that I get to serve Him! Praise the Lord!

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