Firm Foundations Six (1 of 11) Christian Marriage

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Uniting In The Faith

Marriage is a wonderful institution established by God, but for many people marriage is a struggle. Each culture has different views about the purpose and meaning of marriage, but the Bible has called believers to live separate from the culture they are in when it doesn’t align with the Bible. Therefore, we are called to have a God-centered-view of marriage. There are certain principles you can follow when searching for a suitable spouse, a Biblical framework that gives meaning to your marriage and a right perspective that helps us understand the purpose of marriage. In these lessons, we want to help you understand what these truths are and how to use Scripture and Christian principles to achieve an honorable marriage.

Book 6, Lessons 51-60

This is the sixth book in our Firm Foundations series. It covers the sixth set of ten lessons to help you unite in the faith with your spouse. These lessons are considered the basic understanding of Christian marriage. These lessons will hopefully help you to know the relationship between a husband and wife and how to fulfill the marriage covenant. These lessons include:

  1. How Do I Find A Suitable Spouse? (Dating Principles)
  2. What Is The Biblical Framework For Marriage? (The Meaning Of Marriage)
  3. What Is The Right Perspective For Marriage? (The Purpose Of Marriage)
  4. What Is The Design Of Sex In Marriage? (The Sexuality Of Marriage)
  5. How Do I Achieve An Honorable Marriage? (The Conduct Of Marriage)
  6. How Do I Forgive My Spouse? (Forgiveness In Marriage)
  7. How Do I Love My Spouse? (Love In Marriage)
  8. How Do I Serve My Spouse? (Sacrifice In Marriage)
  9. How Do I Extend Grace To My Spouse? (Grace In Marriage)
  10. How Do I Make My Marriage Work? (Endurance In Marriage)

About The Lessons

Each lesson has a main truth, a simple outline that supports it, Bible references under many of the points, and review questions at the end. These lessons are best used when a mature believer is able to guide you through them, studying one lesson per session.

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