June 2016 Prayer Letter

This month we would like to update you about the following areas:

Schooling: The school year is a little different in China than it is in the USA. The school year doesn’t have an official end date announced in advance. They don’t announce it until they know all the requirements and days of school have been fulfilled for that semester. Therefore, our kids are still in school and won’t be finished with this semester until the beginning or middle of July. Then they will break for the rest of that month and the month of August—before everything starts back up in September. Lord willing, in the fall, our oldest will be able to attend a bilingual Christian school that is being started in the city.

Church: We finished our 10-week series on marriage and it has been a blessing. We ended the series with a “Couples’ Banquet” and all the Chinese couples in attendance were unbelievers. Also, I am doing pre-marriage counseling with a couple in the church who will be getting married in the near future. Now, we are starting a series on parenting and pray that it will equally be a blessing to those in our church and help us to reach out to new families. On father’s day we had 6 or 7 Chinese fathers in attendance. It was a great chance for many of them to hear the gospel. Praise the Lord.

Internship: The girl intern who arrived last month has been a blessing and my wife has worked hard to teach her the practical aspects of being a missionary wife and how to serve on the mission field.

Support: We are raising an additional $250 of monthly support. Please pray that we can raise the additional monthly support needed.

Thank you! We know that we couldn’t do anything without the help of God’s people. Thank you for giving, praying and being a part of our team, Project China.

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