Missionary Covenant

A few years ago, I used a covenant some on our team used for short-term groups visiting the mission field and adapted it to make it our own for the groups that we had coming over. Now, I took that version and made it into a “missionary” version, that serves as a reminded of our tasks as missionaries.

Missionary Covenant

I recognize and accept the following conditions which will further the usefulness and safety of my mission. I understand that my mission field does not have the same conveniences that I am used to at home. I realize how important it is to be flexible and I am willing to adjust. I agree to the following:

  • I will go as a servant-disciple of Jesus Christ and will adopt this attitude when dealing with those I was sent tor each. I will maintain and exhibit a good attitude that will honor and glorify the Lord Jesus Christ. As a Christian, I realize that it is my responsibility to die to myself and seek to serve others. I will not seek my own, but that of others. This means not putting myself first and leaving others out. I will be a blessing to all.
  • I realize and agree that this is a mission and not a vacation. I want to go to the mission field to serve God, and to bring the gospel message to the lost. I will not complain about the food, lodging accommodations, etc. I will conscientiously set aside time to have my personal devotions and take care of my daily responsibilities both spiritually and physically. I will first lead my family in worship and then lead those I have come to reach in worship. I will carry my share of the load in the work we are trying to accomplish.
  • I will accept and submit to the position of a learner as I learn the culture and language.  I will be a servant-leader and promise to lead by example. I will become all things concerning attire, eating, drinking and other such traditions which will help me to assimilate into the local community. I agree that in the event that my conduct is considered so unsatisfactory that it jeopardizes the success of the mission, and that mediation on the mission field has failed to correct my or my family’s behavior, that my services in connection with this mission shall end and I shall return home to seek further help.
  • I will trust God to provide my funds to be able to pay for this trip. I won’t take advantage of my support or live lavishly at the expense of my supporters. I will be financial responsibility and accountable for my support and will use it to further the mission. I serve God, not support.
  • I will be a gracious guest to those I desire to reach. I realize I am a foreigner and will not act carelessly. I will serve, give and ask what I can do to have good works in the community. I will be respectful of their way of life. I will treat their country positively and not speak negatively about it. I will try to be a blessing to the locals so they will be glad and thankful that I came to their country.
  • I will remember I am a Christian from another part of the world and will be watched very closely. I realize that they will look at me for an example of how a Christian acts, and will not treat that responsibility lightly. I promise not to be overly demanding of the people, to do my best not to offend or cause embarrassment for the one whose name I bear, and to do my best to help them attain eternal life by grace through faith in Jesus.
  • I understand that the missionary life can be difficult and I promise to adopt a flexible attitude and be supportive as plans may need to be changed.
  • I desire to plant a church and make disciples. I yearn to grow spiritually and to maintain a joyful attitude. I am willing and physically able to work long and changing hours. I will be bold enough to obey the bible even if it risk expulsion from the country.

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