A Testimony From A China Internship (Kanon)

We have really enjoyed hosting Kanon as an intern for 6 months last year. God really used Him during his time here and we still have fruit in the church for his internship. I asked him to write a testimonial about his time here. Hopefully it will give you some insight to what an internship in China is like and encouragement for more of you to come intern with us!


I had the opportunity in 2015 to do a six-month internship in China with missionary Mark. I learned a lot about ministry in China, enjoyed my experience, and grew greatly in my walk with the Lord during this time. If you are someone that is considering being a missionary to China or Asia, I would highly recommend doing an internship with someone from the China team. Here are a few reasons why I think it would be beneficial to you.

Church-planting experience:

You get to be involved in an actual church plant. This was one of the things that I enjoyed most about my internship. I got to help and see firsthand the process of planting a church. I didn’t just get to hear a class about how church planting is done rather I got to watch and be involved in it happening. I think having this practical experience is what someone that wants to be a missionary desperately needs to have. The internship provides you with this opportunity.

Cultural experiences:

You get to be immersed in Chinese culture. While doing the internship, I spent time each week learning Chinese, getting to know Chinese people, and learning the culture. This was an experience I needed. From books and TV shows, you cannot really grasp what the language and culture are like, but when you live in China each day you get to learn what it is really like.

Relationship with the missionaries:

You get mentorship in many different aspects of a missionary’s life. My missionary friend Mark and I talked about many different topics during my six months I spent in China. I was able to get advise and counsel about things like deputation, writing sermons, how to set up a house in China, how to do banking in China, different outreach ideas, and many other areas of life that a missionary needs to learn more about.

Practical ministry:

You get to see God use you to make a difference in people’s lives! I got to make new contacts, invite people to church, and witness to people during my time in China. I got to experience telling people the Gospel and then realize that I was the very first person that had explained it to them. I was able to see God use me in many different ways to reach people for Christ. These are opportunities that are very special. You can get these kind of opportunities on an internship to China!

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