Firm Foundations Seven (1 of 11) Christian Parenting

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Rearing In The Faith

Parenting is a joyful experience for many, but also a very frustrating time because parents receive so much contradictory advice from the world about the best methods of parenting. These methods change each year, but the Bible’s methods don’t. They don’t change over time or because of culture. God has given authority to parents over their children to bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. By faith, parents faithfully apply the biblical method of the rod (discipline) and reproof (instruction) as God works in the hearts of their children. In these lessons, we want to help you understand what these truths are and how to use Scripture and Christian principles so that you can shepherd your children’s hearts to be oriented towards God and the gospel.

Book 7, Lessons 61-70

This is the seventh book in our Firm Foundations series. It covers the seventh set of ten lessons to help you rear your children in the faith. These lessons are considered the basic understanding of Christian marriage. These lessons will hopefully help you to know the relationship between a parent and child and how to bring up a family who is oriented towards God. These lessons include:

  1. What Is The Biblical Purpose Of Parenting?
  2. What Is The Biblical Authority Of Parenting?
  3. What Is The Biblical Method Of Parenting?
  4. What Are Responsible Attitudes Of Parenting?
  5. How Do I Train My Children In The Lord?
  6. How Do I Organize Family Worship?
  7. How Do I Create A Household Of Grace?
  8. What Is The Biblical Role Of A Father?
  9. What Is The Biblical Role Of A Mother?
  10. What About When Parenting Doesn’t Work?

About The Lessons

Each lesson has a main truth, a simple outline that supports it, Bible references under many of the points, and review questions at the end. These lessons are best used when a mature believer is able to guide you through them, studying one lesson per session.

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