April 2009 Prayer Letter

March was a busy month! We spent the first half traveling to different meetings within three states: SC, TN, and OH. The second half of the month, we spent in the state of New York. Our meetings had us anywhere from Niagara Falls to New York City! While traveling this month, we had a couple of schedule changes that were at first a little disheartening, but the Lord turned them into blessings in disguise! We continue to be amazed at Godʼs provision for us and safety as we travel.

March in Review
• March was our third month on full-time deputation.
• We were able to be in 12 churches total.
• We had 5 new churches partner with us by sending in financial support this month.
• We are currently at 28.75% of our needed support!
• We traveled 4,136 miles within 4 states: SC, TN, OH, & NY.
• We stopped at our home one time during the month to pick something up & drop a few things off, but have not spent the night in our home since the end of February.

Recent Praise: Our general health is much better than it was at the beginning of last month. We have slowly fought off the cold & flu bug.

Prayer Request: A strategic way to reach the masses in China is to use the internet. Therefore, we need laborers! We need men (especially those who consider themselves to be a “techno wiz”) who are willingly to leave the comforts of the States and go to China to learn Chinese. We need men who know technology and who are willing to give all, just like a missionary, to use their talents and abilities to build websites, blogs, ect. to get the Gospel out to the masses.

Thank you for being a part of our team, Project China, with your prayer and financial support!

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