June 2017 Prayer Letter

We had another blessed month in the ministry this past month. Here are praises and prayer request for this month:

  • As of this writing, we have two days left of our first semester. The three students have done a great job and are spending these two final days preparing for and taking their end of the semester exams. Through the summer we plan on doing module style classes, the first being hosted by two teachers from our home church, Vision Baptist Church. We are excited about them arriving this week. Also, Lord willing, the wife of the other man training will be joining us this coming semester, as she desires to learn more. This means we will have 4 full-time students. Please pray for them and also for more students this semester.
  • Praise the Lord we had 4 baptized last month. One of the men that were baptized was led to the Lord by one of our students as he was coming back to the city on the train. The Lord is really using him to reach souls.
  • The church voted last month to financially take on one the Bible college students (Lebron) as the assistant pastor. Praise the Lord! He will be receiving 50% of the offerings until he can receive an honorable wage. This is a great step for the church to become more indigenous.
  • We are praying about and planning for a second church plant this fall, Lord willing. Please pray with us for wisdom about location, building, and all the other decisions that need to be made to start a second church in the city.
  • We are considering purchasing a building in the future for the church to use and also for a central location for our training center. We have been researching the process of purchasing a building in China and the necessary requirements. Although the prices are high (minimum of $150,000) because we are working in the inner city, it is definitely a possibility and it would be an incredible help. Please help us pray for wisdom about making this decision and necessary fundraising.
  • We are excited about our teammates who have confirmed–with plane tickets purchased–that they will be joining us this coming December, Lord willing. Please pray they can raise their final support and for the upcoming transition they will be making.
  • Pray for laborers. We need more laborers, but many are afraid to step out and serve God for a various amount of reasons. Fear paralyzes us from action. Inaction allows us to ignore our problems. Ignoring our problems leads to a wasted life. Face your fears by taking action and facing your problems to live a victorious life! What are you waiting for? There is an incredible life for you to live through the sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit in the gospel of Jesus. Step out into the deep waters and give everything!

Thank you! We know that we couldn’t do anything without the help of God’s people. Thank you for giving, praying and being a part of our team, Project China.

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