Weekly Mind Dump: The Return

✪ Is this the return of the weekly mind dump? Maybe!

✪ Praise the Lord we had a wonderful Sunday. We have several first-time visitors. The teacher for our older children’s class was out-of-town this week, so I was able to teach for him. It was a blessing to give the next generation the gospel! We had 8 kids in there between 7-12 years of age.

✪ In the morning and afternoon services I preached on “What Is The Ambition Of Missions?” and talked about having a zeal for the evangelization of the unreached which extends to much of their friends and family. Pray that our church members will become even more zealous about reaching the lost with the gospel of Jesus.

✪ Pray as we prepare this week for our couples retreat coming up this Thursday through Saturday. We will be going about an hour away and renting a place for all of us to stay. We have several families committed to going but praying for a few more. Pray for this to be an edifying time and for some of the spouses who don’t come to our church to get connected with our church members.

✪ We have looked at several locations for a church plant. Interesting story, while we were looking at a building to possibly rent, we found a church for the Korean minority group in the same building that we were looking in. We met the pastor and he said they have around 20 or so and everything is done in Korean. He also warned us that they had recently been visited by the local police and religious bureau. That reminds me that our work here is important and we need to be busy about our Father’s business…thanking Him for every day He allows us to serve here. Praise God with us for what He has already done and please pray for our continuing work here in China.

This is part of the city where we are considering planting the next church.

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