Weekly Mind Dump: Summertime Fun

✪ We are in the middle of the summer roller-coaster—meaning our attendance is up and down each week as people are enjoying the summer weather and time off from school or work. Even though attendance was low yesterday, we still had a first-time visitor! Amen!

✪ We had a great couples’ retreat this past week (Thursday-Saturday). We took the group about an hour north (by car) and rented a four-story villa for us to stay in. We had a great time studying truths and principles about marriage from God’s word and spending time eating and fellowshipping together. Please continue to pray for the couples in our church—that we can build strong, healthy, and God-honouring relationships and families.

✪ Two interesting stories. First, during our couples retreat, we went to a restaurant and all the workers in the restaurant we wearing shirts that said: “I Love Jesus” in English and in Chinese it said, “Jesus Love You”. Then each of the private rooms you can use to eat in had different names that was biblical virtues or fruits of the spirit. I ask them if this was a Christian restaurant (for as much as a restaurant can be Christian?!) and they said it was, that the owner and workers were Christian. I guess that explained all the Christian decor. This isn’t something you are expecting to see in communist China!

✪ Second, a while back we got the girls a dog. The girls were extremely excited and loved the dog. But caring for the dog wasn’t going to work with our current life style and the busy-ness of our life. We ended up giving the dog to someone we knew. After a short time, they realized they couldn’t keep the dog either and passed it on to someone else. A few weeks ago (or so), the young couple who received the dog, unknowingly, visited our church. They are a young Christian couple who didn’t have a church and were looking for one when someone recommended our church to them. We put all the puzzle pieces together and the girls were happy to know they could see the dog again. And it seems that this young couple might become members soon!

✪ Lastly, we were informed that one of the three apartments that we rent for the church has been sold by the homeowner. Specifically, it is the one we use for the kids’ space. Thus we have about a month before we have to be out. We are working with the homeowner of the other two apartments to see about signing a longer contract (5 years) and then doing some remodeling to make it fit out current specific needs. Although this would still be smaller than we now have, we are hoping that it will be able to work with the new setup or that we can find a larger space in the same building or a similar building in the same area. We would appreciate your prayers as we go forward with this within a limited time frame.

Villas where we stayed on the couples’ retreat.

The back of the shirt all the workers were wearing.

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