Matthew: Jesus Does More Of The Miraculous

Memory Verse: Matthew 9:28-29

9:18-19, 23-26 Jesus Raises A Daughter From The Dead

  • 9:18-19 While Jesus was explaining His disciples’ stance on fasting there came a certain ruler—(a man of importance among his community, one of the rulers of the synagogue) and bowed before Jesus in a worshipful manner. This man told Jesus that his daughter, who was twelve years old, had just died—(Mark records she was so sick that she was on the brink of death at any moment and she died before Jesus reaches this man’s home), but he asked Jesus to come and lay his hand on her so that she would live. As a ruler of the synagogue, you wouldn’t expect him to come to Jesus for healing, but this man was desperate. His public display of faith towards Jesus would have cost him greatly. Jesus and His disciples got up and followed this man. However the sequence of the news of her death happened, Jesus, even after the news of her death, continues with this man to his house. This man came to Jesus seeking healing and resurrection from the dead.
    Mark 5:22-24; 35-37
  • 9:23-24 Jesus finally arrives at the man’s house whose daughter had died. When Jesus came into his house He saw the minstrels (flute players) and the people making a noise. The flute players and some of the people that were making noise are professional mourners. People would hire them after someone dies to mourn their loss. The family of this young girl were probably among those who were loudly mourning as well. All this confirms the narrative that she had died. Then Jesus told them all to move and possibly meaning for the mourners to go away because they weren’t needed. Why? Because the young girl is not dead but sleeping. No, they didn’t misdiagnose the daughter’s condition, she was really dead, but Jesus was speaking metaphorically—He knew that He would bring her to life. Just like sleep was temporary, so was her death. They responded to Jesus by laughing Him to scorn. This seems like a strange response, but these people know that Jesus hasn’t even seen the girl yet and they believe He was speaking literally—that she was just asleep and they were all wrong. How foolish they thought Jesus was.
    Mark 5:38-40
  • 9:25-26 The mourning, the laughing, the doubting, the process for burial all had to be stopped. Jesus had the room cleared out and He went in with the parents. This wasn’t a public viewing. Jesus took her by the hand and the little girl arose. Jesus raised her from the dead. Touching any dead body would make a person unclean for seven days, but when Jesus touch her He restored her purity. Jesus has power over uncleanness and power over death. His fame and the report of this went abroad into all that land.
    Mark 5:41-43; Numbers 19:11-21

9:20-22 Jesus Heals A Women Diseased With An Issue Of Blood

  • 9:20-22 As Jesus was going to the ruler’s house there was a woman which was diseased with an issue of blood twelve years. Her condition had physical consequences as well as societal—since it would make her ceremonially unclean. People would try to avoid her and she wouldn’t be welcome to most places. She couldn’t reach out to others for help or expect others to help her seek Jesus’ help since they would risk becoming unclean for being around her. But she believed and said within herself that if she could just touch Jesus’ garment that she would be whole. So she came behind Jesus and touched the hem of His garment. Jesus knowing that someone touched Him, turned around, saw her and said, (1) “Daughter, be of good comfort”—He encourages her, something she wasn’t used to, especially as an unclean person touching another. (2) “Thy faith hath made thee whole”—she was healed because of her faith in Jesus, which probably also implies a deeper meaning of being saved. Jesus states this all publicly so the society knows that she is no longer to be shunned as unclean like she was for the past twelve years. From this time on the woman was made whole. Jesus radically changed her life—by faith.
    Mark 5:25-34; Leviticus 15:15-30

9:27-31 Jesus Gives Sight To Two Blind Men

  • 9:27 Jesus fame was growing. He just left the house of the twelve year old daughter that He raise from the dead. Two blind men followed Him. They were crying out to Jesus saying, (1) “Thou Son of David”—this was a title used of the promised Messiah, the Deliver from the line of David, these men believed Jesus was He. (2) “Have mercy on us”—they wanted Jesus to show compassion on them. Even though their request wasn’t specific, it seems obvious they wanted to be healed of their blindness and possibly more.
    2 Samuel 7:12-16
  • 9:28-30a They arrived at the house and Jesus went in. The blind men also came to Jesus and He asked them “Believe ye that I am able to do this?” They responded in the affirmative saying, “Yea, Lord”—they were confessing Jesus as the Lord God and their faith in Him to do the miraculous. They didn’t see any of the previous miracles with their own eyes because they were blind, so they could only go on the witness of others and they chose to believe. In response to their faith, Jesus touched their eyes, saying, “According to your faith be it unto you.” Then their eyes were opened. Through faith they received the gift of sight from the Gift Giver—Jesus. Do you have faith in Jesus?
    Isaiah 29:18; 35:5; 42:7
  • 9:30b-31 After they were healed, Jesus straitly charged them to let no one know what happened. He doesn’t say why, but it is probably because the publicity would hinder the work or change the focus of His message. But when the two men left they spread abroad Jesus’ fame in all that country. Their enthusiasm led to disobedience.

9:32-34 Jesus Heals A Dumb Man Possessed With A Devil

  • 9:32-33 As they left the house, some people brought to Jesus a mute man (unable to speak) possessed with a devil. Jesus cast out the demon and the man could speak. It appears the speaking disability was caused by the demon possession. The crowd that had gather around them marvelled and said nothing like this was ever seen in the nation of Israel before.
    Luke 11:14
  • 9:34 The Pharisees in their usual way of trying to cast doubt on everything Jesus does because of their own insecurities said Jesus cast out devils through the prince of the devils—Beelzebub. Even though Jesus was doing things that could only come from the power of God, they attributed His power to that of Satan. Their hypocrisy and accusation come from their unbelief. Are you like them, trying to discount everything Jesus has done? Or will you recognized Jesus is doing the works of God by the power of God?
    Luke 11:15

Review Questions

  • What happened when Jesus took the little girl by the hand?
  • What happened when the sick women touched Jesus?
  • What did the two blind men believe about Jesus?
  • Why did the man have a speaking disability?
  • What did each of these people receive when Jesus came to them or they came to Jesus?

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