Weekly Mind Dump: After the Rain

✪ We had a great Sunday today. At the end of the morning service, we prayed over one of the young men who is moving to the south of China for work. He was invited to our church by an intern. He then studied the Bible with one of the Chinese men in our church, working through the discipleship lessons. He believed, was baptized and became an active member in our church.

✪ As I had mentioned, we are losing one of the three apartments that we rent for the church because the homeowner sold it…so we started remodeling when another neighbor was willing to rent their place to us, giving us some of the lost space back. After talking it over with everyone, we decided to rent it. It will save us some money and the remodeling we started will also help us change the space to better fit our needs. Praise the Lord! (Also, the homeowner knows we are a church and is still excited to rent to us and help us out. Amen! —this is rare in China—)

✪ We halted the kids’ club for the month of August. A lot of families are traveling for the summer vacation. We will start back with the club, Lord willing, in September.

✪ We changed our day off from Saturday back to Monday. This will help match out new schedule going into the fall.

✪ Last week I mentioned the story about the dog…today the dog came to church. The girls were excited and I am thankful for these little blessings.

Moved the auditorium as we change things up.

Praying over a church member before he leaves the city.

A view of the sky after the rain.

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