Matthew: Jesus’ Wisdom And Mighty Works

Memory Verse: Matthew 13:58

13:53-54a Are You Amazed At Jesus’ Wisdom And Mighty Works?

  • 13:53-54a After Jesus finished teaching His parables, He departed from there and came unto His home country (Nazareth). Then He started teaching in the synagogues there. We aren’t told what Jesus taught at this specific time, but it caused the people to be astonished. They were greatly surprised about what they heard Jesus doing and the mighty works they heard Jesus had done or that what He claimed He could do. Jesus claims are extraordinary and supernatural. You should be amazed and consider them.
  • Jesus’ home country: Jesus was a Nazarene. Nazareth is a small village. Jesus was a villager. He was from a village family. They were not looked upon as highly educated or well respected. Nazareth was just an insignificant village and no one expected any one of great importance to come from there. But there was significance to the village because the Messiah would come from Nazareth and be called a Nazarene.
    John 1:46; Matthew 2:23; Isaiah 11:1
  • Jesus’ mighty works: From the start of this Gospel until now, Matthew has recorded Jesus doing the following miracles: He healed the centurion’s servant; He stilled the storm; He cast the demons out of two men; He cured a man sick of the palsy; He raised the ruler’s daughter from the dead; He opened the eyes of two blind men; He caused the dumb to speak; He restored a withered hand; He cured a demon-possessed, blind and dumb man. These are not works that a normal insignificant villager.
    Matthew 8:5-13; 23-27; 28-34; 9:1-8; 18-26; 27-31; 32-33; 12:10-13; 12:22
  • Jesus’ wisdom: From the time Jesus began to preach, He came with a message for mankind, saying, “Repent: for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.” Jesus was here to establish God’s kingdom in the hearts of mankind. All the doctrine He taught was characterized by authority—in manner and content. Jesus taught like He had the power and the right to give orders and speak on behalf of God. He wasn’t a “normal teacher” or someone who had doubts like the other villagers.
    Matthew 4:17; 7:28-29; 11:19; 12:42

13:54b Where Does Jesus’ Authority Come From?

  • 13:54b The people responded with a question, “Whence hath this man this wisdom, and these mighty works?” They were asking, “Where does Jesus’ authority come from?” Before, when Jesus was faced with this same type of questioning He tells them that if He does the mighty works by the Spirit of God then it has great implications—mainly that the kingdom of God had come unto them. God by the Holy Spirit through Jesus is establishing His kingdom. Jesus might have been from a villager family, but he was anything but an insignificant villager. He was on mission from God to bring us salvation.
    Matthew 12:28

13:55-56 Is Jesus More Than One Of Us?

  • 13:55-56 They continued with their questions, asking about his family:
  • “Is not this the carpenter’s son?”—Jesus’ earthly father was Joseph who was a carpenter. But the Bible never says that Joseph begat Jesus like it does with the other father and son relationships. This is because Jesus’ birth was supernatural. Joseph never had sexual relations with his wife to produce the child Jesus. This means Jesus was not Joseph’s literal, physical offspring—but Jesus was Joseph’s legal offspring because Joseph was Jesus’ step-father. He was not a normal carpenter’s son.
    Matthew 1:16
  • “Is not his mother called Mary?”—Jesus’ earthly mother was Mary. Before Jesus was born she was espoused to Joseph. During this time they were not permitted to sexually come together until after the official marriage ceremony. Therefore, before they came together sexually, Mary was found with child of the Holy Spirit—meaning God supernaturally caused Mary to become pregnant with Jesus.
    Matthew 1:18; Luke 1:26-27
  • “And his brethren…And his sisters…Whence then hath this man all these things?”—Jesus’ earthly parents had children after He was born, but what set Jesus apart from them? That is what the villagers were hinting at. If Jesus was born into a normal village family, then where does His works and teaching come from? But Jesus’ supernatural birth meant that He wasn’t the same as His family. It meant that He wasn’t the same as any other human. It meant that God was with us. God promised a Saviour would come and Jesus’ birth marked His coming. He was 100% God and 100% man—thus the only one who could take away the sins of the world through the sacrifice of Himself.
    Isaiah 7:14; Philippians 2:5-11; Hebrews 9:26; 1 John 3:5

13:57 Does Jesus Offend You?

  • 13:57a They were offended at Jesus. They couldn’t explain where Jesus’ authority came from and they were not willing to believe He was God—because they couldn’t explain it. Jesus is claiming ultimate authority and they were appalled by it. Are you like this? Are you a skeptic? When Jesus is presented to you, instead of accepting Him as Lord of your life by faith, you reject Him because you can’t explain His wisdom or mighty works?
    Luke 4:14-30
  • 13:57b Jesus says to them, “A prophet is not without honour, save in his own country, and in his own house.” Jesus is using this proverbial phrase to refer to Himself, which means He is claiming to be a prophet (one who gives God’s people direct revelation from God), but also showing that those closest to a prophet are often the ones unwilling to show honor.
    John 1:10, 11

13:58 Do You Believe?

  • 13:58 Finally, Jesus didn’t do many mighty works there because of their unbelief. Their hearts were unresponsive to Jesus. Thus He chose not to do works there because they were not instructive to such a people. Are you missing God’s salvation and blessings because of your unbelief? There is a decision to be made: Do you confess Jesus as Lord?
    Matthew 13:10-17

Review Questions

  • After Jesus finished teaching His parables where did He go?
  • Why were people astonished at Jesus?
  • Where does Jesus’ authority come from?
  • Is Jesus the same as His family? Why?
  • Why didn’t Jesus do many mighty works?

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