Weekly Mind Dump: Joy

✪ Preached on having an “attitude of joy” this morning and really enjoyed it. Studying the sermon and preaching it has encouraged me greatly.

✪ We should get an answer about our visas tomorrow, Lord willing. Then we will have to leave the country and re-apply for the new visas before we come back into the country. Please pray that everything goes smoothly. Our deadline is Thursday, so time isn’t on our side.

✪ Remodeling is almost done..which I am thankful for. Lord willing, everything will be finished this week and we will get back to a normal schedule starting next weekend.

✪ We have been contacted by a couple of people who are wanting to come and intern in China. We are working on the details and we will see what happens.

✪ Lots of plans coming up in the future. Excited about all the is going on and for what the future holds. God is good.

Clouds over the city in the evening.

Spent some time enjoying the ocean one afternoon this week.

A natural history museum on the coast.

Our newly remodeled kids’ room.

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