Matthew: Live By Faith In Jesus

Memory Verse: Matthew 14:27

14:22-33 Jesus Spends Time In Prayer

  • 14:22-23 After Jesus miraculously provided food for over 5,000 people (14:1-21), He perceived that there were those who wanted to come and make Him king. So He immediately compelled His disciples to precede Him by getting into a ship and going to the other side. Jesus would stay behind and send the multitudes away. Once He had sent the multitudes away, He went up into a mountain alone to pray. By the time evening was come, Jesus was alone in the mountain praying. Application: After doing a great miracle among the multitudes, Jesus also knew the importance of private prayer. This is a reminder of our need of private individual prayer between us and God the father.
    John 6:15
  • Prayer is when a believer speaks to God. We have faith that God can hear them and that He will respond according to His will. Believers should be constantly praying and paying attention to what is going on so that they can make their requests known to God and thank Him for when He answers prayer.
  • The Example Prayer: Jesus gave us an example prayer so that we would know how to pray. He addressed God and asked Him to do many things. His prayer included: His desire to see God glorified and God’s will to be done; asking God to provide for that day’s needs, for God’s grace, and help to live right.
    Matthew 6:9-13; Luke 11:1-4

14:24-33 Jesus Walks On Water

  • 14:24-26 The disciples were well into their journey and the ship was now in the midst of the sea. The wind was contrary to the direction they were going and the ship was being tossed with waves. Then in the “fourth watch of the night” which is sometime between 3 to 6 in the morning  (this is based on the Roman system which divided the time from 6 PM to 6 AM into four watches) Jesus went to the disciples in the ship among the storm by walking on the sea. When the disciples saw Jesus walking on the sea, they were troubled or distressed because they didn’t know it was Jesus, but instead believed it was a spirit  or ghost and they cried out for fear. Application: In the midst of obeying Jesus or living the Christian life we will go through hard times and our faith will be tested.
  • 14:27 Immediately Jesus spoke unto His disciples, saying: (1) “Be of good cheer”—meaning they are to have confidence and assurance which results in optimism. (2) “It is I”—meaning He was identifying Himself reassuring His disciples that it was Him and not a spirit, but also possibly referencing an expression that points to Himself being God. (3) “Be not afraid”—meaning they didn’t need to continue to be fearful, anxious, or apprehensive about their situation in the storm or the event of Jesus walking on the water towards them. Application: Jesus is calling His disciples to live by faith in the midst of the storm. As believers, we don’t live lives of doubt, fear, anxiety, etc., but instead we live our lives by faith in Jesus which gives us confidence, optimism and boldness.
    Matthew 1:20; 9:2, 22; 10:26, 28, 31; Exodus 3:14
  • 14:28-31 Peter responded to Jesus by asking if He could come to Jesus on the water. Jesus told him to “Come”. Then Peter got out of the ship and started to walk on the water towards Jesus. But the wind was still boisterous—the storm had not been calmed. Thus he concentrated on the storm and became afraid. He panicked and began to sink in the sea. He cried out to Jesus to save him. Immediately Jesus stretched forth His hand and caught Peter and said to him, “O thou of little faith, wherefore didst thou doubt?” Application: Peter was expected to express faith in the midst of the storm. Faith in Jesus who was walking on the water should have been greater than the fear of the storm that was happening around Him. Peter was the only one who had the faith to get out of the boat and to walk on the water for a moment, but Jesus calls Him to an even greater faith. His doubt hindered the miraculous. We can learn two important points from this: (1) Jesus wants us to do great things, He invites us to get out of the boat, but our faith has to have endurance, it is a lasting faith. (2) Jesus doesn’t want us to live a life of doubt, panic and anxiety, but wants us to overcome those fears by a constant faith in Him. No matter what is going on in your life right now, no matter what problems you are dealing with, Jesus wants to overcome them by a steady faith in Him.
  • 14:32-33 Finally, Jesus and Peter got on the ship and the wind ceased. Then the disciples and whoever else was in the ship came and worshipped Jesus, saying that He truly is the Son of God. They responded to what happened in worship and recognition of who Jesus really is. They were no longer doubting. Application: What is your response to Jesus? Everything that Jesus does points us to understanding who He is and calls for us to respond in worship because He truly is the Son of God—meaning He is equal with God.
  • If you aren’t a believer, then your first step is faith in Jesus. You are a sinner in need of God’s salvation, otherwise you will be cast into hell. Jesus wants to save you from hell. You must recognize who He is, what He has done and place your faith in Him.
  • If you are a believer, then get out of the boat and attempt great things for God. Stop allowing the fear of your circumstances to keep you from getting out of the boat. After you get out of the boat, you might fail or have doubts, but don’t worry, Jesus is there with you. Learn to have great faith—keep your focus on Jesus as you attempt great things for God.

14:34-36 Jesus Heals the Diseased

  • 14:34-36 Finally, when they were gone over to the other side they came into the land of Gennesaret. When the people of that place had knowledge of Jesus, they sent out into all the nearby regions and brought unto Him all that were diseased. Apparently Jesus’ testimony as a healer was well known in that area. Maybe they heard about the women who was healed from her issue of blood when she touch the hem of Jesus’ garment because they too besought Jesus that they might only touch the hem of His garment. The result was the same for them: as many as touched were made perfectly whole. They came to Jesus by faith seeking healing and they found it. At that moment, they were completely healed of whatever disease they had. Jesus is Lord, have faith in Him.
    Matthew 9:20-22

Review Questions

  • What did Jesus do after He sent the multitudes away?
  • Who walked on water?
  • Why did Peter start sinking?
  • What happened when Jesus got on the boat?
  • When they got to the other side, what did Jesus do?

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