Twins Update #1

On Thursday morning, my wife wasn’t feeling well and had a pretty severe headache. I took her to see the doctor that morning and they decided to admit her. She had high blood pressure and since that could cause complications with the twins, they wanted to take precautions.

After everything was fine (the headache was gone), they wanted to do a CT scan to make sure that the headache wasn’t caused by something else. The results came back fine. (We had to be taken to a different hospital to get this done.)

They also started to give her shots that help the babies develop in case they decided to come early. My wife is 37 weeks along but the babies are still pretty small (between 4-5 pounds).

She has been having contractions on and off over the past three days (two nights) but it doesn’t seem to be progressing at a fast pace, so they should be dismissing us to go home in the next couple of hours or so…(at least that is the plan as I am writing this update).

My wife is doing good. She is just tired from it all. She has done an amazing job with the twins this pregnancy.

We have had a great experience here at the hospital and are so blessed to have good healthcare in our city. They have taken great care of us. (Note: I say “us” because in China when you stay in the hospital, you have to have someone to stay with you to wait on you, the nurses don’t wait on your like they do in the USA.)

We have also been blessed with a great team. We know that our girls are in great hands as our friends have helped watch them over the past three days.

Please continue to pray for our family and my wife as she delivers the twins sometime this month, Lord willing!

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