Boldness: A Fresh Perspective

If you have been following my blog for any amount of time, you should know that boldness is a big topic that I like to write about because it is integral to being a faithful disciple of Jesus, especially in China. One of our Project China teammates who moved to China within the past few months is writing a blog series about this very topic and he offers a fresh perspective that is not only refreshing but encouraging for those who desire to do bold ministry in China.

Below are the posts in the series, you can subscribe to his blog to receive further articles (and I will try to update them here as well.)

Part 1: A Few Thoughts Security

  1. Perceptions of Persecution in China are Often Exaggerated
  2. Visits by the Police and Deportation are likely
  3. Longevity on the mission field is not the same thing as faithfulness
  4. There are non-negotiable convictions

Part 2: Our Practice Run

” Since we were concerned about distracting people from the service, we didn’t notice that two police officers were seated in the back row. By the time we realized it, we were standing right next to them.”

Part 3: Running Scared

  • Fear: The first and strongest emotion was simply, fear.
  • Discomfort: Even as the fear wore off, there remained a nagging discomfort.
  • Paranoia: …I had both woven together elaborate conspiracy theories that explained how it was all connected.
  • Cowardliness: Closely connected to the paranoia was a whole host of lily-livered resolutions to, lay low for awhile, be extra careful on WeChat, never go to a house church again, start using code etc.

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