On Homosexuality: On Open Letter Of Love

To Whom This Concerns:

In the world we now live in, this topic of homosexuality is one that causes a multitude of reactions and confusion. It causes many and often unfettered amounts of reactions. This makes it uncomfortable to talk about. But there are many reasons that compel me to speak on this issue and to speak from a vantage point of love. So please hear me out.

A Firm Biblical Position

I am not writing this post to explain why I think homosexuality is a sin. But I will state my position below so that it can be seen separate from all the mess that is out there. Also, you can know that I have read the books on “pro-gay theology” (which have done a great disservice to God’s word) and more importantly I have studied the Bible and here is the position:

The truth that the Bible teaches that should guide the moral actions of man about sexuality is that all sexual activities outside of the marriage relationship (between a man and a woman) are wrong.

Thus, we can conclude that fornication, homosexuality, pornography, bestiality, sex before marriage with the person you’re dating, sex with your family members, sex at parties, group sex, prostitution, rape, molestation, sex slaves, orgies, sexual fantasies, child molesting, etc. are all wrong and sinful. (And by extension transgender, cross-dressing)

Thus, my goal is not to call out homosexuality particularly, but all sin. It doesn’t matter what your attractions are, attractions are never to guide our lives, but the unchanging truth of God’s word does. (For example: Sexual pleasure can be received inside or outside of marriage. It can be received in heterosexual or homosexual relationships. But that doesn’t make it right. I am married to my wife. I can find sexual pleasure outside of my marriage, but I choose not to do so because of what the Bible teaches. I want to honour God and be faithful to my wife. In the same way, even though a person can find sexual pleasure in a homosexual relationship, they shouldn’t because of what the Bible teaches.)

Note: The Bible never has and never will accept any committed homosexual relationships. It is not possible to be a true believer and practice homosexuality habitually. (1 Corinthians 6:9-11)

For more about this position and the Bible references you can click here to read a post called: “What About Sexuality?

This position is not a position that comes from culture. I live in China. Many things are different here. I have learned to and am continuing to learn to adapt to the way of life here. But many also deny the existence of God. This is the cultural norm. In this aspect I don’t, can’t and won’t accept this cultural norm. In fact, I am here to challenge that very notion and declare the eternal existence of God seen from the creation of the world. Thus, my position is not political: conservative or liberal; it is not cultural: city or country; it is biblical—this is what God’s word clearly says. (Again, this post is not a Bible study about this topic, but it is an application of the stated position after coming to a conclusion from studying the Bible.)

For Those Who Are Homosexual

I believe the Bible with all my heart. The Bible states that homosexuality is a sexual sin. Sin has consequences. Sin brings death and after death eternal damnation in hell. Sin separates man from God. But God loved us so much that while we were yet sinners, He sent Jesus to die for us. Jesus died for our sins. He was raised for our justification. Through faith in Jesus, our relationship with God can be restored. We can never do this on our own because we are hopeless sinners.

That being so, in love, I can only say to turn from your sin. Turn away from any sinful lifestyle. Turn away from homosexuality. Turn to Jesus. Turn by faith. This is the most important thing in life. Embrace Jesus, not sin. Embrace Jesus, not homosexuality. You can’t embrace both–it is a contraction in the most offensive terms.

My Attitude Towards Sin As A Follower of Jesus

Thus, as a believer I hate sin. Sin kills. Sin condemns. Sin is punished. Sin separates. Sin destroys. As a believer, I fight against sin. I am at war against it. I don’t want to commit sin, even though there are times that I do, I want to live a life that is holy unto God. I am a man in submission to the will of God. I am not my own. I live for Jesus. If my desires, lusts, or wants are contrary to God or His word, then I must submit to His will, not my own.

For that reason, I hate homosexuality. Because it is a sin. But I don’t hate you, the homosexual. But I hate your sin. I hate the temporal pleasures it gives and how this pleasure deceives you to live in rebellion against God.

Even in our changing culture, where sexuality is being seen in a positive light and promoted, it doesn’t make it okay. The definition of what is or is not sin never comes from what the majority of people think at a certain given time in history. This judgment of sin does not come from ourselves. The Bible is judging. If you are a homosexual you are wrong. It is sin. But you are loved. And there is hope for you. Jesus made a way to free you from your sin. Through repentance and faith in Jesus, your life can be radically changed.

Applying What It Means To Love God And To Love Others In This Circumstance

Finally, love compels me to care about others. To care for others I must say the truth. To show my affection for others I can’t approve of their homosexual actions or relationships. This has several practical applications for daily life. I am to be so concerned with their souls that I don’t want to do anything that would show approval for something that leads to eternal separation from God.

Nor do I want sin to be commonplace in my life. I love my family. I desire to protect myself and my family from the influence and normality of sin that our culture inundates us with on a daily basis.

Accordingly, there are some practical stands I desire to take because I don’t want to mistakenly confirm anything that leads people to hell. Generally, I cannot accept nor endorse any sin—any way of life that causes people to live in continual rebellion against God. Specifically, concerning homosexuality, which is a very public and private sin…

  • I cannot celebrate homosexual relationships.
  • I cannot support homosexual relationships.
  • I cannot participate in anything that would endorse homosexual relationships.
  • I cannot attend homosexual weddings.
  • I cannot pretend a homosexual partner is part of our family (immediate or extended).
  • I cannot condone the open affection between you and your partner.
  • I cannot pretend there is nothing wrong with the homosexual relationship.
  • I cannot normalize homosexual relationships.

Please don’t misunderstand, these convictions are not because I want to disengage from or alienate friends and family who are homosexual from myself or my family, but their decisions to sin against God and to openly live a life of rebellion against God is them choosing to alienate themselves from me and my family.

A Final Plea

If you are a homosexual or you accept homosexuality, you are wrong according to the Bible, but I love you enough to tell you the truth. Repent of your sins before it’s too late. Believe in Jesus. Today is the day of salvation.

With Love,



A Note To Christians

Many well-intentioned Christians have been put in awkward circumstances concerning this topic. They don’t know how to choose what to do. They are told not to judge others. But ultimately to not say or do anything is to have a hating attitude towards that person who lives in sin and not a loving one. Real love hates sin. Real love accepts the truth. To celebrate, support, participate in or condone the sin of others is to sin yourself. It is time for you to take a stand, it is time for you to truly love others.

Have the right reaction to sin. Two common but wrong reactions are: (1) To talk about how wrong homosexuality is and to reject it and those who are homosexuals. But you never talk about Jesus and what He did on the cross for homosexuals to be saved from their sin. (2) To accept their homosexuality and condone their homosexual lifestyle in words or actions, not talking about anything negative. But you completely void what Jesus did on the cross for homosexuals to be saved from their sin and minimize the gospel. Both reactions are wrong because they avoid Jesus. The first one never explains grace and the second one doesn’t see the need for grace. The proper response is to inject Jesus into the conversation. Don’t be a lazy Christian who tries to avoid the pressure and stress of preaching the gospel and sharing the good news. Your friend or family member will die and go to hell without Jesus. Speak up.

3 thoughts on “On Homosexuality: On Open Letter Of Love

  1. Mark Post author

    Part of the ongoing conversation…

    Responding With Kindness

    Thank you for reaching out to me. I hope this discourse can be full of love and kindness. I am truly sorry for the hard time that you went through and the negative things you had to experience.

    I don’t think I have ever treated you in a rude or unkind manner. I don’t ever plan on doing so. But I can’t ignore something the Bible speaks so clearly on, and because I love you I must speak the truth as the Bible teaches it, even if that has negative consequences for me.

    Responding To Those Who Call Sin “Good”

    Your message truly saddens me. I believe with all my heart that homosexuality is a sin because this is what the Bible teaches. I have no prejudice against a person that is a homosexual. I just care for their souls and helping them restore their relationship to God through Jesus’ work on the cross and His glorious resurrection.

    In myself, I have no right to hypocritically judge another, but I am not saying this of myself, I am saying what the Bible says. The Bible is very clear that homosexuality is a sin. This judgment is not one of hypocrisy but of righteousness. When something is wrong according to the Bible it is correct to say it as such.

    Jesus died on the cross to pay the price for our sin. So we need to ask the question, “What is a sin?” The Bible tells us. There are a lot. Homosexuality is part of what God defines as sin. This is unquestionable in the Bible. A person cannot honestly say that the Bible is the Word of God and disagree with this point. I have studied the books written on pro-gay theology and they do a major disservice to translating the Bible. They try to change its meaning. A person can say they disagree with the Bible, the can say they reject the Bible’s teaching’s on it, but they cannot say the Bible doesn’t condemn homosexuality and declare it as a sin.

    Responding To Those Who Claim To Be “Gay Christians”

    But you can’t embrace Jesus and embrace sin at the same time. That is the reason Jesus died on the cross…to forgive us of our sins and to be freed from it, not to continue to live in it.

    You say that you believe that Christ is your Saviour—but what has He “saved you from”? The Bible answer is that He saved us from sin, its punishment—hell. We need Jesus because of our sin problem.

    Thus, when we come to the point of believing in Jesus, we have to repent. To forsake our sin and believe in Jesus. You cannot embrace Jesus and the sin that He died on the cross to take away.

    Responding To Those In a Homosexual Relationship They Call “Marriage”

    You might have a “good” relationship but it is not a loving marriage. First, marriage is only between a man and woman. This is clear in the Bible as well. Second, it is not loving to have sin as the basis of your relationship. True love can only be based upon truth. I know this might seem like a hard saying but it is the teaching of the Bible in 1 Corinthians 13—the great love passage.

    Responding To “Attractions”

    Also, as sinners we have attractions. But “attractions” are never the basis for what is right and wrong. Many men have felt “attractions” for other women who are not their wives, but they choose to not act on that attraction because of their love for God and for their wives.

    An Invitation

    Please know that I have taken a step back and have thought about, studied this and considered it for years now. This blog post wasn’t something that just randomly happened.

    Thus, according to the Bible, I am here to say, repent, turn from your ways and turn to Jesus—the Saviour of the World.

    Repent. Believe in Jesus.

  2. Mark Post author

    More Conversation…

    Responding To Those Who Claim This Stance Is “Hate”

    If I truly believe you are going to hell because of your actions and choose not to say anything…that is hate. If I really believe you are going to hell because of your actions and choose to say something…that is love.

    Again my intention is not to hurt you, I know this is a strong position, but I love you too much to pretend there is nothing wrong. I care for your soul and the soul of your partner. None of this is said lightly.

    Responding To The “False” Gospel

    Yes, there are many different theologies, but they can’t all be right because they contradict one another. What we know for sure is what the bible has told us and it told us that men who practice homosexuality will not inherit the kingdom of God. Salvation is not about asking Jesus into your heart but it is about repentance and faith. To turn from your sin and turn to Jesus.

    The gospel you have been told is deceiving. Jesus died on the cross to pay the punishment for sin. Homosexuality is a sin. Jesus died to forgive you for committing this sin. So your relationship with God can be restored. This is the point of the gospel. It makes you into a new creature that lives unto God, a life that forsakes sin and submits to God.

    Jesus died to forgive sin. That is why when we embrace Jesus we cannot embrace sin. You can’t embrace the very thing that he died to free you from. This is called repentance, to change your way of thinking and agree with God about it.

    We all sin and we will all continue to mess up, before and after we believe in Jesus, but anyone who lives in habitual sin–which means continual and unrepentant sin–shows that they were never really born again. The book of 1 John was written to show us this.

    Responding To “But What About Divorce” It’s Wrong Too

    God hates divorce. But it still happens. It is a one-time event. Like having sex once before marriage. It was a one-time event. It was a sin. But it is not a continual state of living in sin. If a person is having sex with multiple people all the time that is a continual state of sin.

    Once divorce happens, the marriage is dissolved. Even if the reason to get a divorce was wrong. If a person gets married, then they are in a covenant relationship, even if the reason for getting married was wrong. But in either circumstance, they should repent of their sins and then choose to live right, to love their spouse like Jesus loves.

    A certain sin never excuses another sin. All sins are wrong.

    Responding to “What if I was in a heterosexual relationship and decided not to marry?”

    To address your specific question, if you were living with a girlfriend, not married and never planned on getting married but were having sexual relations then that would be a sin. If you were openly living in a sinful relationship then I hope I would address it in the same manner. What makes homosexuality different is that the relationship itself is wrong. I can’t pretend that it isn’t. The response is also different, to the heterosexual I would say repent, believe in Jesus, stop sinning and get married (or break up). To the homosexual I would say, repent, believe in Jesus, stop sinning and break up (never get married).

    Understanding the “Influence On Children”

    Another side reason is the influence on my children. I don’t let them watch bad things on TV, then why would I want them to see me seemingly approving of it in real life. I obviously can’t keep them from everything and I teach them through it all, but I can keep certain things that are sin from being normal parts of their lives.

  3. Mark Post author


    Understanding Taking A Stand Against Sinful Relationships

    This stand is strong but there are certain occasions that we can’t participate in because we don’t want to be supportive of their sin. Here is another way to think about what I mean.

    If a man was married and then he decides to get another female lover on the side (but never got a divorce), we would say this was adultery and not support this sin. If this man decided to invite you out to eat with him and his female lover but not his wife, would you go? No, because you don’t want to be supportive of this sinful relationship. If this man wanted to bring his female lover to Christmas but not his wife, would you allow it? No, because again this would be supporting a relationship that you know is sinful. The man is cheating on his wife and his appearance together with his female lover “makes the sin known publicly”. If he decided to bring his female lover to an occasion where you couldn’t control who could come, you could choose not to attend so that you aren’t supporting such a sinful relationship, unless you decided to attend to call him out for his sin.

    Anything that forces the sin to be made public and normalized should be avoided.


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