May 2009 Prayer Letter

There are 1,319,175,336 Souls in China, just a reminder. In the busyness of our lives, the insecurity of the economy, and through the many problems that arise in everyday life, it is easy to take our focus off of 1.3 billion souls in China that need the Gospel. In spite of, all that is happening around us, let us endeavor to pray to the Lord of the harvest, that He will send forth laborers into His harvest!

April in Review

  • April was our fourth month on full-time deputation.
  • We were able to be in 11 churches total.
  • We had 4 new churches partner with us by sending in financial support and 1 church raised their amount of support!
  • We are currently at 37.08% of our support!
  • We traveled 6,234.4 miles within 7 states: NY, LA, GA, FL, TN, NC, & VA.

Recent Praise: I was able to be a part of an event put on by our home church called Dodge Hunger. It was a youth food drive, dodge ball tourney and lock in at the YMCA. There were four churches represented and they collected around 1,400 cans of food for the needy. I was asked to preach the gospel that night and I did, to about 170 people. No one made a decision that night, though some raised their hands that they weren’t sure if their sins were forgiven. But they were presented with a clear Gospel presentation!

Prayer Request: We are taking our survey trip this month, May 4th-12th. Keep us in your prayers as we are traveling and gathering information from the trip (We will give an update next month). Also, be in prayer about the Our Generation Student Leadership Camp coming up, June 15-19, in which we will be motivating young people for missions.

Thank you for being a part of our team, Project China, with your prayer and financial support!

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