August 2018 Prayer Letter

Dear Pastors, Partners & Praying Friends:

We want to praise the Lord for safe traveling over the past month. We have arrived safely in America. Also, we want to praise the Lord for all the wonderful things God has done over the past eight years of ministry in China. We are blessed to be a small part of all that God is doing in China.

Furlough 2018-2019: We left China on July 24th, took an intermission in South Korea for almost a week and then finally arrive back in the States on the 30th. After arriving, we were able to get set up, which went really quickly because of the help of our home church and yokefellows. The following two weeks we stayed local and visited with our home church, family and now we are starting to travel and report on all that God has done in China. Also, we are seeking to increase our support—thus we need about 30% more to reach our new target amount. We have already been in two new churches and excited to be in many more. If you are interested in having us in to present our ministry in your church, please contact me via email:


  • The ministry in China is doing well and there has been two more souls saved since we have left. They have also had great attendances in their Sunday morning services.
  • It has been wonderful to spend time with the other Project China missionaries out of our home church that are also in the States. God is building a wonderful team of missionaries.
  • We have been reconnected with friends and family. Also, we are making new friends and meeting new family members!
  • A new ministry partnered with us to provide audio Bible devices in the Chinese language. These devices also have sermons and we can add our own content.
  • We have been able to get involved in teaching at our home church, participate in different events and receive more training through our mission board and the training center.
  • I was able to meet a Chinese man who was participating in an ESL class at our home church and started studying the Bible with him in Chinese. Please pray for his salvation.

The North Korean Initiative: This is a unique opportunity to reach North Korea with the gospel from China through utilizing “men, materials, and technology”. Please pray as we plan!

  • Men: To plant churches along the border with the intention to reach and train ethnic Korean Chinese citizens to go into North Korea as evangelists and church planters. 
  • Material: To produce and translate material (written, audio, and video) into the Korean language. 
  • Technology: Use technology in creative ways to smuggle the Gospel material into North Korea.

Thank you! We know that we couldn’t do anything without the help of God’s people. Thank you for giving, praying and being a part of our “China Ministry” team. We are especially fond of you! Let us continue pressing forward so that we can know Jesus and make Him known! 

In His Joyful Service,


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