Picking Pumpkins in Arizona

Ministry: ✪ Another great week of furlough as we have been traveling in Arizona and Georgia. I was so blessed by the churches we visited in each State. My Family was able to go with me to Arizona. The church there has been supporting us for nine years or so. ✪ Blessed to be hearing from many new supporters. ✪ Also, pray for a lady that I was able to witness to on my way to the airport.

Family: ✪ Pray for my wife as she has been having some dental work done. ✪ The twins are growing like crazy and I love seeing their personalities develop. All our kids are great and such a blessing. They are enjoying their time in the States learning American culture, like visiting the pumpkin patch in the fall…but as MK’s they get to visit them in different States, like Arizona!

Picture: We were able to visit the Desert Museum in Tucson, Arizona and the view was absolutely amazing! I love looking at God’s handiwork!

View from the Desert Museum in Tucson, Arizona

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