Living The Dream

✪ We had a great Thanksgiving and I trust you did as well.

✪ My brother-in-law and his family finished deputation and left for South Africa. It is an exciting thing being a missionary. He is living the dream. Continue to keep them in your prayers as they travel and get settled.

✪ We were at Newton Baptist Church in Covington, GA this past Sunday. I was honored to preach both services. We especially enjoyed spending time with some dear friends and mentors of ours, Pastor Tony and his wife. It was exciting to see how God has blessed them over the years.

✪ Tonight I have the privilege of preaching at our home church, Vision. Please pray for me. Lord willing, I will be preaching on “Joy”.

✪ I just want to say how thankful I am for all of you who support, pray and partner with our family. I truly do believe I get to live the dream as a missionary. I truly believe Jesus is the one and only way for a person to be saved and that God has ordained the means of a preacher to tell the world so they can believe and be saved. I am one of those preachers. I get to serve fulltime because so many of you make it possible. Thank you. May we do a little more, reach a few more souls and run a little faster this coming year. Amen!

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