A Thousand Lives

The Vision For China team is has written a book entitled A Thousand Lives. This short book is our passionate plea for a pipeline of unashamed believers to boldly advance the gospel in China.

I start the book off in Chapter 1 writing about SURRENDER. I ask the question: What if we were willing to risk everything? Not only is that a hard question to answer, but the answer will fundamentally change the way you live, serve God and do ministry. I try to show that there IS risk in serving Jesus, especially in China, but that it is worth it and Jesus is worth us risking everything. There is an urgent need for us to get the gospel to China. This book is written for such a time as this.

The book is available in three different formats (print, ebook, audiobook):

But the audiobook on Audible

Buy the print book or kindle eBook on Amazon

After you read or listen to the book, I would love to hear from you!

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