Survey Trip Update #1

Here are some updates from our trip so far:

  • Our flight left for China Monday morning at 8:30 AM .
  • We arrived at our final destination in China around 9:00 PM Tuesday .
  • Wednesday, we spent time the missionary’s house to discuss training leaders and church planting in China.
  • The girls went out shopping.
  • Then we went to the church for a leaders meeting and my pastor challenged and taught them.
  • Today, we saw the other church building and discussed training leaders and evangelism in China.
  • We ate a late breakfast at a “Christian cafe”  playing casting crowns and other Christian music.
  • We went back to the house and discussed our start up cost and figure out prices for moving over here.
  • The girls went out again and figured out what they have and what we need to bring.
  • Then we went to a “Christian” bookstore and bought books, bibles and some gifts.
  • Now we are back at the house discussing what we can do more to reach China.
  • “China will never be reached with the Gospel until we have men who are willing to die for the Gospel of Jesus Christ!” -W. A. Gardner

Thanks for Praying!

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