Starting A Conversation, Missions

This week I had the privilege to attend and teach a session at the Our Generation Pastors Conference hosted by our home church, Vision Baptist Church. It and other events have reminded me about the much-needed conversation that we need to have about missions.

As Independent Baptist, we are blessed with a network that desires to reach the world by planting churches. I pray that we keep this focus on global church planting going forward.

But there is room for growth and to refocus. Some churches are working hard at the great commission, some are complacent, some never got involved, others are just too busy. Thus, its time we have a conversation. Or continue the conversation. Not argue and fight, but see what more we can do together to get the gospel to the world. Here are the posts that I have been writing that I hope helps contribute to this conversation.

More to come, Lord willing.

Join the Conversation

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