April 2019 Prayer Letter

Dear Pastors, Partners & Praying Friends,

During one of our missions conferences, I was able to teach a Chinese Sunday school class. The class seemed to really enjoy the lesson, especially since I taught a good portion of it in Chinese (usually the class is taught in English). Following the Sunday school hour, we all sat together for the main service. During the invitation, the teacher of that class brought one of the first time Chinese visitors over to me and said he wanted to know more about being saved. I didn’t have a Chinese Bible on me, so I opened the Chinese Bible app on my iPad and walked him through the gospel. At the end, I asked him, “Is this something you want to do now, or do you want to understand it more first?” He responded with, “Now,” and then he bowed his head to ask Christ to save him. Praise the Lord for saving another sinner!

Praises, Prayer Requests, Updates and Announcements:

  • Persecution Update: Many of the foreign missionaries we worked with in our city are no longer there. But the Chinese church that we started and a couple others that we know of are still going forward. The persecution with those that we know has settled down, but there is still a push from the government in general to persecute Christian activity outside the government’s control.
  • Teammates Update: Two of our teammates are settled in their new cities and another is leaving to return to China this month, Lord wiling, with new passports and visas in hand. Three more of our teammates are still raising deputation support to head to the mainland and two others are heading to Taiwan. WE NEED MORE LABORERS! CHRISTIAN MAN, WILL YOU SURRENDER ALL TO JOIN US IN REACHING THE MILLIONS IN CHINA?
  • New Support Update: We have raised an additional 6% of new support this past month which makes a total of 23% raised on furlough. We are at 93% of our new support goal, which means we only need 7% more.
  • Furlough Traveling: Sine our last prayer letter, we had meetings in: PA, MD, VA, NJ, GA, IN, WV, and AR. March was my busiest month traveling and filled with many great missions conferences and meetings. I am amazed at all the doors the Lord has opened for us to present our ministry and preach His word!

Thank you! We know that we couldn’t do anything without the help of God’s people. Thank you for giving, praying, serving, and being a part of our “China Ministry” team. We are especially fond of you! Let us continue pressing forward and keep fighting the good fight. May we strive every day to know Jesus, to be happy in the Him, and to make Him known! 

In His Joyful Service,


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