Survey Trip Update #2

  • Friday, we went and saw the world’s largest tiger park, which is located here.
  • Then we went back to the apartment to discuss how we can multiply the ministry.
  • Finally, we went to the English corner, which is great way to meet new people and invite them to church.
  • Saturday, I preached the gospel in China for my first time in the English service. I pray for the day when I preach in Chinese!
  • Then we had a great Chinese service, my pastor preached and the missionary translated. There was a good response to the message.
  • I went out this morning (Sunday) and bought my wife some flowers for Mother’s Day from a street vendor. She is a great mom and she is away from her baby on her first Mother’s Day. (Happy Mother’s Day My Love!)
  • We are looking forward to a great day today. We will have church and then a special activity with the church members, Lord willing. Also, we are planning on going up one of the tallest building here to see and pray over the city.
  • Finally, we will leave for Beijing on Monday and fly back to the U.S. on Tuesday. We will do more surveying while in Beijing, as time permits, to see what items are available that we may need.


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