November 2019 Prayer Letter

Stories of God at Work | God’s Grace in Times of Waiting

“Why?” was the question I was pondering in the back of my mind. Our visas were delayed much longer than we anticipated. We were hoping to already be back in China. But as we were running into delay after delay, I started to think about what God was going to do through this. Now we know a couple of those answers: (1) Our second oldest daughter brought a friend to church for a family revival and that friend got saved; (2) My wife was sick for a couple weeks and she finally was able to get recommended to a doctor. The doctor fit her in at the last minute and ran some test. Her blood work showed that she tested positive for Celiac Disease (and also allergic to milk and eggs). We are thankful that we now know where her problems are coming from and, Lord willing, learning the treatment to go forward. If we would have already returned to China, we wouldn’t have done this testing. So we are thankful for God’s grace in this matter. Not only theses things, but in many small ways we have seen God work over this period of waiting.

Special Announcement  | Furlough Ending: Plane Tickets Purchased

Finally, we were able to get all the paperwork needed to officially apply for our visas to China here in the States. We have already sent in our applications and purchased plane tickets. Lord willing, our visas will be issued soon and we will return to China on November 11. We are excited about this next term on the field and all that God is going to do!

Special Projects and Needs Update | 78% of Our Goal Reached

We have raised nearly $5,500 of the $10,000 needed in our Church Planting Fund and nearly $17,900 of the $20,000 needed for our Reentry Setup Fund.Altogether we have reached 78% of our total goal. If you haven’t already, would you pray about giving a one-time love offering of any amount to help us reach these needs?

Prayer Requests and Praises | Health, Family Returning to China, Thankful

  • Pray for my wife’s health as this disease means a lifestyle change for our family to deal with. Also, they mentioned that this is genetic, so our children might have it too.
  • Pray for our family of seven as we return to China and get readjusted to the language, culture, food and doing ministry in a closed country. May Jesus be glorified!
  • Praise the Lord for a wonderful furlough. We have had so many people help, sacrifice, give, bless, and love on us. We are thankful for all our supporters and your faithfulness.

We know that we couldn’t do anything without the help of God’s people. Thank you for giving, praying, serving, and being a part of our “China Ministry” team. We are especially fond of you! Let us continue pressing forward and keep fighting the good fight. May we strive every day to know Jesus, to be happy in the Him, and to make Him known!

In His Joyful Service,



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