January 2020 Prayer Letter

Relocation Update | Setting Up Life and Ministry in Taiwan

As we reported last month, because of some threats involving our family directly when we returned to China, we concluded that the Lord was leading us away from living in the mainland to living on the island of Taiwan. Taiwan has a total population of around 23 million. It is estimated that Christians comprise less than 1.95% of Taiwan’s population. The language we learned in the mainland, Mandarin Chinese, is the official language. Also, there are great political differences between mainland China and the island of Taiwan. One of the most important for us is religious freedom—the ability to legally start churches and preach the gospel. Thus, we are excited to use the experience we have gained to start a ministry here, as well as, continue to reach into mainland China as long as the door is open unto us.

We are now calling “New Taipei City” home—which has an estimated population of around 4 million. Lord willing, in the next month or so, we will be starting “Victory” Baptist Church here in the city! In the midst of recent happenings and all that we have been through, it seems fitting to name the church this knowing we are on the winning side. Threats, persecutions, relocations, field changes—even in the middle of all of this, we have victory in Christ! God always wins! “But thanks be to God, which giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.” (1 Corinthians 15:57) In preparation for this new church plant, we are in the process of saving up and raising funds, which has been estimated around $15,000.

Stories of God at Work  | Seizing an Opportunity to Share the Gospel

The realtor was at our house and she brought a couple coworkers over. There was a young man among them whom I started talking to but it was hard to hold a conversation with everything going on. I prayed the Lord would give me an open door of opportunity to witness to him. The next thing I know, the others had to run an errand and they left this young man at our house. I started witnessing to him. He listened intently. He said he had never heard any of this about Jesus. He had only heard that Christians don’t worship idols but one God. He didn’t make a decision that day, but since then he has come to church (first time ever) with me and seems interested in continuing to learn more. Pray!

Special Need Update | Thank You For Giving Extravagantly and Sacrificially

We had our escrow and reentry funds on hand for our unexpected exit from China but we didn’t have anywhere near the amount needed to do a full relocation to Taiwan. Even though we had credit cards with good lines of credit, we knew this could only be a stop-gap measure and would be a hinderance if we were not able to pay them off right away. But as we felt this is where the Lord was directing, we moved by faith. We sent out a plea about our situation and you, our friends, family and supporters, took care of us in a great way. You sacrificially opened your hearts and gave to our family. I sit here humbled by your sacrifice and amazed at what God is doing. God’s people have truly taken care of God’s servant in an unexpected time of need. We estimated how much it was going to cost, but wasn’t sure exactly how much it would be, but around 85% of our actual costs has already come in or is on its way. Lord willing, by the end of this month, we will be setup and debt free! Thank you for giving. 

Prayer Requests | Chinese Pastors, Paperwork

  • Continue to pray for the three Chinese pastors (Charles, Lebron, Mark) to be encouraged and emboldened in the Lord as they serve Jesus in the midst of persecution.
  • Pray for our paperwork and visas for both Taiwan and China to get approved ASAP.

We know that we couldn’t do anything without the help of God’s people. Thank you for giving, praying, serving, and being a part of our “China Ministry” team. We are especially fond of you! Let us continue pressing forward and keep fighting the good fight. May we strive every day to know Jesus, to be happy in the Him, and to make Him known!

In His Joyful Service,



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