2020 Taiwan Church Plant Budget

When we were returning to China, we had a planned budget of what it would cost to start more church plants. We already had some money given towards those needs and we were saving for it as well. We already had Bibles, chairs, and several church furniture type things in storage that we could use in the next church plants. But even though that will help those still in China, it isn’t going to help us is Taiwan.

After getting setup here and doing it debt free (Lord willing), our next plan is to start the church plant. Because of the unexpected way that everything happened, we didn’t have time to save out of our normal missionary support for this next church plant here in Taiwan. (Of course, any funds that have been given specifically for the next church plant, have been set aside and will be used for it.) We have been using our normal monthly missionary support to pay for our normal expenses, getting life setup here and continuing to support the ministry and pastors in China so they can go forward in our absence.

I have been trying to pay attention to how much every costs here and also been asking different missionaries about the expenses they had when starting their church plants. I was able to come up with the following budget to estimate the cost of getting this church plant going, which comes to a total of around $15,000. Of course, it would be nice to start with everything that we need, and we pray that it will. But I took the budget and broke it up into 4 phases of what we would need to spend based on importance and the minimum needed in each phase.

Budget By Phases

latest update 2/17/2020

Phase 1 – Go For It

These are costs that we will need to start having services in a building. This will give us a meeting space and a place for people to sit as we invite people to start coming to our services.

  • $4,500 – Church Rent – We need around 3-4 months upfront to pay for the deposit, realtors fee, and the first month’s rent. PAID: Actual cost was $2,913 which included first month’s rent, two months deposit and one month realtor fee. So the monthly cost going forward is around $730.
  • $1,000 – Chairs – We will purchase about 50 chairs at $20 each. PAID: Actual cost was $383.23 for 50 chairs and $25.32 for 8 stools.

Phase 2 – Gaining Momentum

As services have already started, we want to make sure the meeting place is comfortable enough for people to come to, make ourself known to the community, and make sure that we have Bibles and other resources on had to help build momentum.

  • $1,000 – Bibles/Flyers/Tracts – We need to be getting the gospel out and making ourselves know in the community, thus having the proper literature and materials on hand to do so. Update: $500 given towards Bibles. We were able top purchase 1,000 flyers for $39.97; 4,000 tracts for $99.94; 500 business cards for $16.63.
  • $2,000 – Construction Cost – Depending on the condition of the building that we rent, there might be some remodeling or painting needed. Update: We will need to install a glass door on the front of the building which cost $‎1,599.26.
  • $1,500 – Church Sign – We want to make ourselves very visible to the community and let them know that we are there. Anyone that passes by, walking or driving, should be able to know about the church. Update: We will need to install two church signs on the front of the building which cost $‎532.25.

Phase 3 – Growing Ministries

As people are saved and discipled, we will have more workers. Once we have people willing to serve, we can start ministries to train them and help mature the church.

  • $1,000 – Musical InstrumentsPiano and guitar for the music ministry. Update: Piano $366 (including delivery and tuning).
  • $500 – Children’s Needs – Material, Chairs, Tables, etc for children’s ministries.
  • $1,500 – Church Furniture – Tables, Pulpit, Speakers, TV. Update: Pulpit $119.71; Speaker System $809.64. .

Phase 4 – Extra

There are always extras that costs that are different for each area. One of the things that was mentioned to me is below:

  • $2,000 – Air Conditioners – If the location we rent doesn’t have air conditioners installed, then I am told we will need to install them when the weather starts to warm up. And from what I am told it is very hot and humid here! Update: We will need to install air conditioners when the weather warms.
  • Miscellaneous Category – I didn’t originally include this but need too if we are being comprehensive. Update: Cleaning and Misc Supplies $119.05

Please be in prayer with us about the expenses. We know the Lord will provide. He has already shown Himself strong in a very real way in our lives as all of our plans have been shaken up. It doesn’t matter how much money you have if the Lord isn’t in it. What we need the most is not a budget fully funded, but we need the power of the Lord. We need to be Spirit-filled. We need revival and to be more like Jesus. We need God to work. Our reliance is on Him. Please pray with us dear friends!

Budgeted Expenses vs Actual Expenses

1Church Rent$‎ 4,500.00$‎ (2,913.00)$‎ 1,587.00
1Chairs$‎ 1,000.00$‎ (408.55)$‎ 591.45
2Construction Cost$‎ 2,000.00$‎ (1,599.26)$‎ 400.74
2Bibles/Flyers/Tracts$‎ 1,000.00$‎ (656.54)$‎ 343.46
2Church Sign$‎ 1,500.00$‎ (532.25)$‎ 967.75
3Musical Instruments$‎ 1,000.00$‎ (366.00)$‎ 634.00
3Children’s Needs$‎ 500.00
3Church Furniture$‎ 1,500.00$‎ (929.35)$‎ 570.65
4Air Conditioners$‎ 2,000.00
5Miscellaneous$‎ (119.05)$‎ (119.05)
$‎ 15,000.00$‎ (7,404.95)$‎ 5,095.05

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