June 2009 Prayer Letter

We ended another great month and are encouraged and excited more than ever about what God is going to do in the country of China. This month, my wife and I, along with our pastor, took our survey trip to China. As we surveyed the area we were able to price different items, find out the cost of living in the area we will be living in, discuss our “action plan” for the ministry, and learn about language school. We were also able to visit with the Taube family, who we plan on working with, and I was given the opportunity to preach the gospel in China for the first time during the English service at their church. I pray for the day when I will be able to preach in Chinese!

We put together a special video from our survey trip that you can watch on our website, www.projectchina.org.

May in Review

  • May was our fifth month on full-time deputation.
  • We were able to be in 11 churches total.
  • We took a 9 day survey trip to China, May 4-12.
  • We are currently at 37.08% of our support!
  • We traveled 4,622.1 miles within 4 states: GA, NY, NH, TN.

Recent Praise: We had a safe trip to and from China, and the Lord has continued to keep us safe and healthy during our travels on deputation!

Prayer Request: One of the purposes of our survey trip was to find out all the different expenses that come with moving to China (since expenses vary based upon the country) so that we could create an accurate “Setup Fund.” This fund includes all the things we would need to get started in China including expenses that come with moving to another country and setting up our home. We had to take into account that we would not be able to ship a lot of our things from home, or borrow items from our friends and family close by. Pray we will be able to raise the funds needed for this.

Thank you for being a part of our team, Project China, with your prayer and financial support!

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