The Lord Provided – Debt Free!

I Asked. You Responded. God Provided.

I wanted to write a few thoughts that are on my mind tonight before I go to bed this evening. It is Chinese New Year today. New Years is always the symbol of a new or fresh start. And this year, I feel that is exactly what the Lord gave us.

As I mentioned before, we didn’t have the finances prepared in advance to make a move like we did, but we also knew that the whole situation was out of our hands. We were traveling a road that we didn’t specifically choose, but then again, the only real road that we can choose is to follow the Lord. Thus, in this sense, we were following where He was guiding, but we weren’t exactly sure where that was or how it was all going to work out. This is a path that we are still on and we call it “an amazing adventure”.

So there was faith and a lot of hope that God was going to provide for this move. I knew I needed to take care of our family like I was trained to do. So we went forward with a full setup. Honestly, it was exciting on one hand and extremely hard on the other. I didn’t want to make a foolish financial decision. But on the other hand I was willing to pay the price to keep going forward. It weighed heavy on me. So much happened so fast and things start to add up quickly. Where? What? When? How? But I had to remember WHO was in charge and keep looking to HIM.

As of today, all expenses…since leaving America, landing in China and then our unexpected transition to Taiwan and doing a completely new setup…everything up to this point has been paid for…we are DEBT FREE!

Before we left, we were raising some funds for our reentry into China and new church plant, and many gave to that and that helped us greatly as we needed the cash on hand once we landed. But then last November we reported that “we will need to raise [additional funds] for this special need so that we [can] get [established] and, Lord willing, be debt free at the end of it.” And we did it. God did it. The Lord has provided. He answered our prayers! As of today, we are debt free. Of course there are still things that we want to purchase, a church planting budget to finish raising, etc. but everything that we NEED (and then some) to have a solid fresh start in a new place has been provided and paid for. And we can’t be thankful enough. We are extremely blessed!

Praise the Lord.

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