Give Because You Have Been Given Much!

I read Deuteronomy 18-24.

Basically these chapters cover part of the law and their different consequences.

But then in the end of chapter 24 starting in verse 18 and going through verse 22, there is a very strong point. Moses gives us the reason why we do what we do by bringing our memory into remembrance.

vs 18 “Remember that thou wast a bondman in Egypt” – He wants us to stop and think about where we came from. Egypt is a type, for our old sinful lives. The way that we used to live before we were redeemed. How we were under the bondage of sin. Remembering what life was like before, how horrible it was to be lost and without Christ. Then He goes on to say “and the LORD thy God redeemed thee” and he brings into remembrance that we are no longer there but we have been redeemed. We have been redeemed by the blood of the Lamb. We no longer are slaves to sin and we have one Master, the LORD Jesus Christ! But he does not stop there, but bring this into our remembrance, because he is using this to tell us something and he goes on to say “therefore” because we were hopelessly lost in Egypt and GOD redeemed us, then based on that “I command thee to do this thing.”

What does he want us to do?

To alter our way of life so that we can give to those who are less fortunate “for the stranger, for the fatherless, and for the widow” (vs 19-21). We see this to even be true in the New Testament, Matthew 25:31-40 & James 1:27 for example.

How were the Israelites to alter their way of life to accomplish this?

  • During Harvest time, if they were to forget a sheaf in the field, they were to leave it and not go back and get it.
  • When they beat the olive trees, they were only to go over the boughs one time
  • When they gathered the grapes of the vineyard, they weren’t supposed to go back and do it again, just one time.

The end of verse 19 even gives a blessing for doing this “that the Lord thy God may bless thee in all the work of thine hands.” Then he ends that chapter by basically repeating the same thing in verse 18.

Contextually, this is talking about Israel and God redeeming them out of Egypt, but I think we can take this principle and apply it to our lives and watch God bless just the same.

What can we take away from this? As Christians, remember where you were before you were saved, and then when God saved you realize it wasn’t a deal! You didn’t deserve salvation, but God saved you anyway. You didn’t do anything good to be saved, but you were a slave to sin, then Jesus Christ saved you and radically changed your life! And upon this realization and remembrance, we as Christians should change the way we live, knowing how much undeserved, unmerited – grace – has been given to us, and give to those around us (in a tangible way) who are less fortunate than us, especially the stranger, the fatherless and widow. And then when they ask why you are doing this…you get to share the greatest news ever told!

What are some tangible ways we can do this?

2 thoughts on “Give Because You Have Been Given Much!

  1. Tom Hatley

    Remember-Thank The Lord I have not forgotten! Jesus saved my unworthy soul for His purpose. Good post. Pray for me as a Christian, Family man, and Pastor.


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