Cloudy Discernment (Quick Thought)

As things *try* to go forward, keep in mind that not everyone is going to give good advice. I have already seen several articles that give bad advice to churches. 

Some quick thoughts to think about:

Will a Christian leader’s advice and judgment be clouded when he receives money from the government? Is it hard to be critical of or stand against the government’s wrongdoings when they fund your church (especially if the offerings aren’t enough)? This is true in other realms, could it be true here as well?

Will larger churches and ministries, especially those with a lot of debt have a different perspective than smaller local churches without debt and a paid-for building?

Will different size churches have different plans for returning to a normal assembly, thus each advocating for their own position, judging those who don’t do like they do, turning each other against each other?

What other things could cause someones judgment to be cloudy?

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