The Paradox of Compassion

Why is trying to figure out what to do so hard? Why are believers having opposing views on a situation? Because it is hard to know what information to trust in a world flooded with so many ideas, opinions, stats, and so-called facts. You add in the emotional and stressful component in the situation—how this is affecting me and those closest to me, gives a different end result. Some more musings:

Preservation of self can lead to disregard for others and thus harm awaits them. We can’t disregard our neighbor across the street nor those across the world. We are to be world-impacting and world-changing Christ followers.

Compassion is in our DNA.

Love for others, on the other hand, places others before self. How to properly love others in times of crisis is based on what is “best and right” for them according to the facts of the situation and applied through a Biblical filter. When the facts are unknown and the statistics are inaccurate that means the results are incomplete. Thus, what is the proper way to love our neighbor in “this” situation? This lands in the grey area. This is the paradox of compassion. But there is one thing that we do know. We can and should have compassion, grace, love, peace, kindness, selflessness, and sacrifice no matter how we try to apply the “best and right” thing in this situation. Ugliness, namecalling, lack of compassion, and political self-defense isn’t to be our reputation. Even is some things are permissible and good, we need to remember to keep the main thing, the main thing.

To stay home and protect others from getting the virus is loving. But also if needing to open the economy back so that millions around the world don’t go into starvation. Which is worse? Which is just fearmongering? Which is just the natural course of an unfavorable situation? These are hard times and hard decisions. Churches will be starting back. Some won’t be. Some never quit. How can your church best love and serve your community and at the same time strive to be a light all around the world reaching beyond the borders of your local community? (Side Note: God didn’t call you to just reach “your mission field” or local community, He called you to go to the world. Do Both.)

Cast your cares upon Jesus. Don’t let the emotions and stress of this situation to cause you to rant against others, but choose love. Love them through it. Show them the way of living the victorious Christian life in the midst of suffering.

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