May 2020 Prayer Letter

Stories of God at Work | Two Souls Saved In Two Days

Our oldest daughter and I set out to spend the day passing out tracts and invite others to church. After spending several hours out on the streets, we went to a certain coffee shop to drop off flyers for them to leave on the counter for customers coming in. The owner is a Christian. There was a 30-year-old Taiwanese man there reading the Bible. I was introduced to him and encouraged to help him with his understanding of the gospel. I started a conversation with him and that led to about two hours of sharing the gospel. By the end of the conversation, he was in tears, and finally, he lifted his head and looked me in the eyes and said, “I believe!” Praise Jesus! The next morning, I took an Uber to a friend’s house. I prayed for the Lord to give me boldness to witness to the driver. Once I was in the car, I started talking with the 34-year-old Taiwanese driver. Come to find out, this man had never been to church, but he had watched preaching on YouTube. He was interested but didn’t have a full understanding of the gospel. We talked the whole car ride and once we arrived at the destination we continued to talk until he bowed his head and prayed to the Lord for salvation. Praise the Lord for saving another sinner!

Women’s Ministry | A Prudent Wife Is From the Lord

There are so many things that happen behind the scenes that go into getting a church plant going. In our ministry, I am blessed with a wife who is willing to serve and as a result, our family and ministry are blessed. Not only does she manage the household, but she builds discipleship and evangelism relationships with those that she can. She serves in serval ministries, which include: playing the piano and singing during our services; teaching a children’s Sunday School class; hosting a nursery when needed; leading a mom’s Bible study in Chinese with unbelievers; teaching a kid’s English club on Friday nights as an outreach to the community. As the Lord gives the increase, she will train others to take over many of these ministries and become the spiritual mother to many women here on the field.

Online Ministry | Reaching Into the Mainland From Taiwan

As many of you are already aware, the borders of China have been temporarily closed because of COVID-19 and many have had to move their services online, some using video and some just audio. Not only China, but many around the world have moved to online services for a short time. Thus, I was also challenged by this to try a “live interactive online service” to encourage and challenge the believers in mainland China. (Note: In Taiwan, we were never required to stop meeting in person.) On April 2nd, we hosted our first service and have hosted a service online every other week since then. The believers there seem to really enjoy it and many have even prepared songs and shared testimonies as the service online is interactive. One of the blessings, that I wasn’t expecting, is that we have had believers join us not only from multiple cities in China but also from the villages. There are two villages that I know about specifically, neither have I personally been to, but I was able to preach there through technology. Apart from these online meetings, I am hosting a weekly class with the pastors to train and encourage them in the Lord. Since my “in-person” outreach was hindered in the mainland, this “online” outreach has been a tremendous blessing.

Church Plant Update | Our Church Plant Is Two Months Old

We have now completed the second month of our church plant. We had around 8 first time visitors in the month of April. We had a high day on Easter of 22 people in attendance with 3 first time visitors. Besides our family and visitors, we now have around 6 who are faithfully attending every Sunday. We are still limited in some of what we can do, but each day we are taking more liberty as people are more at ease and willing to attend different outreaches, etc. Please keep praying for: (1) the salvation and discipleship of those coming; (2) young men to reach and train for ministry.

We know that we couldn’t do anything without the help of God’s people. Thank you for giving, praying, serving, and being a part of our “China Ministry” team. We are especially fond of you! Let us continue pressing forward and keep fighting the good fight. May we strive every day to know Jesus, to be happy in Him, and to make Him known!

In His Joyful Service,



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