Update #3: Pastor Austin Gardner (Keep Praying)


The most recent update:

Pastor Austin Gardner’s oxygen that was being pushed to him was at 100% but they watched it go down to 80%, 70% and now it is down to 50%. This means that his body is recovering and doing more of the breathing on his own! Doctor friends of the family have said that he might be able to be taken off as early as 40%.

Also, the nurse said that they could tell a major difference and he seems to slowly be improving. He is stable and they say he is responding very well to treatment.

He is fighting COVID-19 as well as double pneumonia.

It also was told that we need to understand it isn’t over and there will be ups and downs.

Please keep praying for him.

Trust God

The last point of the last sermon that Pastor Austin Gardner preached before being hospitalized was: “Trust God to care for you.” We are not only trusting God to care for us but we are also trusting God to care for Pastor Austin Gardner.

Thank you for helping out a friend!

Pastor Austin Gardner’s son, David Gardner, was able to raise the money needed to purchases plane tickets from for his whole family from Peru, South America to the States. Lord willing, they will be traveling back next week and adjusting back to life in the States to be with the family during this time. Thank you for giving and your generosity.

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