Update #5: Pastor Austin Gardner (Keep Praying)


The latest updates (newest to oldest) from pastor’s sons:

Friday Afternoon Update:

Just FaceTimed. Oxygen is at 50% but is going to be brought down to 40%. HIS oxygen is very good at 98. Peep is at 12 but is also going to be put back down to 10 in a little bit. His chest X-ray looks a lot better. Since his kidney is doing well at 1.3 they are going to give him another Lasix to help the fluid buildup. They are going to be retesting for COVID tomorrow morning and we should know the results to that in the afternoon. He is being given normal water through the feeding tube and also the saline solution through the IV. They moisturize the lips and mouth with saline solution several times a day. He was sedated and pretty sleepy. His eyes were open at first for a bit but he didn’t respond much like yesterday.

June 5th, 2020

Thursday Update:

Just FaceTimed!! He was awake, eyes open and all. When we started talking to him he would shake his head. He is still sedated but definitely able to hear. We tried calming him down and letting him know the faster he cooperates, the faster he gets to come home. He got a little anxious and/or fussy so they had to turn up his oxygen to 80% but that is just temporary. His Peep is still at 10. His kidney is at 1.3 !!!! Let’s pray specifically that he can come off the tube this weekend because if he starts next week still intubated they will do a tracheotomy.

June 4th, 2020

Wednesday Update:

Hospital just FaceTimed. They have started lowering his sedation. He had started to open his eyes so she called for us to try to talk to him and get him to open his eyes but when calling his name out he didn’t open his eyes with us. They are starting to lower his sedation so they can start to explain to him what is going on and what they are doing and to see how he reacts with it all and then be able to take the tube out. His Peep is down to 10 today and his oxygen is still good at 40%. His kidney is better today at 1.4 but still hasn’t had a bowel movement yet, still working on that today.

June 3rd, 2020

Tuesday Update:

I just FaceTimed with the hospital. God is so good and answering our specific prayers. His Peep is down to 12 today! Hallelujah! Oxygen is still at 40%! His kidney function is the same today at 1.6, but it is understandable. He has had no bowel movements for several days so today that is their goal. He has a wound on his face from all the tubes and things hooked to him so they are treating that and hoping it doesn’t get infected.

June 2nd, 2020

Monday Afternoon Update:

I just FaceTimed and he looks so much better. He looks like himself again. The oxygen is still great at 40%. Let’s pray particularly for his peep number it is at 16 and because of that, they are unable to do more right now. Just waiting for him to heal some. The plasma exchanges didn’t seem to help him much so they have stopped that. He has finished the Remdesivir medication. They are trying to balance everything they do because of his kidney which is not producing as much as it was on Thursday and Friday. Still isn’t of much concern yet but we need to pray for it to be working more. It is at 1.6 right now and should be at like 0.6-0.8 for him. So let’s pray specifically for those two things, that his Peep number comes down and that his kidney will start producing more.

June 1st, 2020

Monday Update:

I just got off the phone with the hospital. Oxygen is at 40% but peep is still 16. They would start to wake him but being that the peep number is still high they will probably hold off. They don’t want to start to wake him if they can’t remove the intubator. The peep is high because his lungs have not healed well yet. They are about to do the rounds and run tests and decide what to do. She said to call back this afternoon and she could give us more info.

June 1st, 2020

Sunday Update:

I just got off the phone with the hospital. Thanking God for a better day. His chest X-ray looks better today, they took him off the paralytic medication and it is wearing off so he should start moving a little soon. He is still sedated though and on pain meds. His peep is at 16 but his oxygen is at 45%. His vitals and blood pressure are good. The kidney is also working well.

May 31st, 2020

Saturday PM Update:

I just got off the phone with the hospital. Vitals and blood pressure are good. Peep is at 16 and the oxygen was at 80% earlier during the day but is now at 70%.

May 30th, 2020

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