Update #6: Pastor Austin Gardner (Keep Praying)


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Tuesday Update #2:

Doctor himself called this afternoon and said when they lowered the sedation this morning he tried to pull the tube out. The MRSA is only in his nose right now so they aren’t starting him on an antibiotic yet. They also said that they would start a tracheotomy even with MRSA if they feel the need to do so.

June 9th, 2020

Tuesday Update:

Just FaceTimed. They took him off of the sedation this morning to see if they could take the tube out. At first, he was responding well and even followed commands from the nurse but then he started getting agitated so they had to give him the sedation again. Peep is at 8! Oxygen is at 35%! The kidney is still good at 1.3. White cell count is at 14.2 today but with the new medication, it should be going down. COVID test came back NEGATIVE! The results came back on the bacteria and it is MRSA so they are having to change up the antibiotics. The plastic surgeon is being contacted to come to see the wound on his face from all the tubes. Bronchoscopy is already scheduled to be done in the morning. They are giving him medicine through his feeding tube to help him respond better tomorrow when they lower the sedation. The plan is that with this medication and after the bronchoscopy tomorrow they are going to take the tube out and hope and see if he responds well. Please pray that he can breathe on his own and doesn’t get agitated and upset so the tube can stay out. If he can’t handle it they will have to reinsert the tube.

June 9th, 2020

Monday Update:

Hallelujah our God is a good God !!!! Prayers are being answered !!! They have taken him off of the sedation and he was responding better today. He heard our voice and opened his eyes a little. Peep is at 9! Oxygen is at 40%! The kidney is working well at 1.1! The only set back right now is he does have bacterial pneumonia and fungus growing but he is on an antibiotic and anti-fungal medication. The antibiotic is working because his white blood count was at 17 and is now at 13 (11.4 is about normal). He does not have a fever. There is no indication of any infection to the brain. Just that any infection we have just makes our brain foggy. The new team of doctors, nurses, and infectious disease doctors are hoping and planning on taking the tube out within the next 24 hours AMEN !!!!! Today they are planning on doing a bronchoscopy to help clean him out because he has a lot of secretion. We are so thankful and give God all the honor and glory for His goodness. Let’s pray they will be able to take the tube out and he will be able to breathe and respond well on his own when they do it.

June 8th, 2020

Sunday Update:

The doctor just called. Some good news and not so good news. His kidney is still working well and is at 1.2. Peep is down to 9! Oxygen is at 40%! They lowered the sedation today to the lowest amount but he is still very sleepy and not responding like he did the others times they lowered it. Doctor thinks it could be because the culture results showed there is a bacterial infection and it may be affecting his brain and that is why he didn’t respond like the other days. So they started him on an antibiotic and an anti-fungal medication. We asked if it is normal that it would affect the brain he said any infection can affect the brain but it is normally temporary until the antibiotic has time to work.

June 7th, 2020

Saturday Update:

The doctor just called, they did a chest X-ray and it looked like his right lung had collapsed so he did a bronchoscopy to check if it really had and thank the Lord it hadn’t but he did find there was a lot of mucus. He cleaned it out and took a biopsy, he believes he has a yeast infection inside the lungs. So he is starting him on a yeast infection med. He hopes that after cleaning the mucus out and giving him the med it will help overall. The wound on his face seems to be better, a plastic surgeon will be coming to check it out on Monday. Peep is at 12 and oxygen is at 50%. We will talk next week about the tracheotomy.

June 6th, 2020

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