Update #7: Pastor Austin Gardner (Praise God!)

The latest updates (newest to oldest) from pastor’s children:

Friday Update (Final Update):

What an amazing God we serve!
We are so thankful to have him back and for being the godly man he is. One of the first things he did was get us all together and prayed to thank God for all He has done and for allowing him to be used again. Please continue to pray for his recovery!!

June 19th, 2020

Thursday Update:

We got to see him again today! He is doing well. Still confused and all but they say that can take many weeks to get over. He is getting stronger and able to walk more and more steps with a walker and can easily transfer himself from the bed to the chair. They think it will be very soon that he will be able to go home. The only thing holding them back is his white blood count has gone up and they don’t understand why. He has no fever and looks great so they have run any and every test they can think of today to try to find what is going on. We should have results tomorrow. Please pray that his white blood count can come down and that they can treat whatever is causing it. We are so happy and thankful to get to see him and to be able to see how God is taking care of him.

June 18th, 2020

Wednesday Update:

One of his ICU Doctors arranged for him to be rolled outside in a chair so he could see his wife, kids, and grandkids. It was a huge blessing for us all to get to see him, hug him, and talk to him for a bit. He is still confused and wants to go home but it cooperating and doing his best to get strong so that can happen soon. He walked about 30 steps today during his physical therapy. He was not able to sleep yesterday during the day nor last night and barely any today so hopefully, he will be able to sleep tonight. We are so very thankful for Faith Insisiengmay as she has been a HUGE blessing by going by and checking on him and taking him a milkshake and encouraging him to build up his strength. He really enjoys seeing a familiar face! He really doesn’t like hospital food and isn’t wanting to eat. Please pray that he will start eating something at least and that he can get a full night’s sleep tonight.

June 17th, 2020

Sunday-Monday Update:

The weekend was a little hard on him with all the drugs and stuff in his system still, making him not be his nice self and just very confused. But today was a great day. Mom and Joy were able to go see him today and spend a little over an hour each with him. He is doing so much better, he is still a little confused and disoriented but is understanding so much more and grasping it all little by little. He was joking and picking on us and happy to see the whole family over FaceTime. He is getting stronger and stronger. He took about 8 steps today and is able to get up and out of bed on his own and move to the chair. Thank you so very much for all your prayers and support towards our family during this time. We praise the Lord for all of His goodness towards us.

June 15th, 2020

Saturday Update:

Since he is no longer in ICU we are not sure we will have daily updates. If we get them they will be here though. My sister Joy is the one that sends us the updates as a family and then I send them out to the world. Thanks so much for thinking of and praying for my dad. I just talked to the nurse. He is weak. The occupational therapist went in to try to work with him but he seemed too weak so they stopped and the physical therapist because of that also said let’s give him today to rest and tomorrow they will start up again. Speach therapist went in and he was doing well coughing and swallowing so they have upgraded his diet to a soft diet now instead of just liquid. They did give him some oxygen this morning but is doing well even without it.

June 13th, 2020

Friday Update: What a day!

Mom and Joy got to go to the ICU and see him. We were shocked when we walked in the door and saw him sitting in a chair and with NO oxygen at all. He is doing it all on his own! Praise the Lord! He is still very tired and things were a little foggy. He FaceTimed with the rest of the family and told everyone he loved them. His voice is weak and he only whispers right now. He is doing well coughing. He ate some pudding, drank some Diet Mountain Dew (which he said it didn’t taste good), and chewed on ice. Ice was the most successful thing. His kidney is working well and the MRSA is being treated. He is being moved out of the ICU and going to a regular room today GOD IS GOOD! All of this within 24 hours of being off the ventilator. Our God is powerful and merciful. He has answered our prayers !!! He will be going through intensive physical therapy.

June 12th, 220

Thursday Update:

Hallelujah! Our God is Awesome and powerful! He is off the ventilator and awake. He whispered back to us that he loves us all. He is on a high amount of oxygen but that is normal to start off. PLEASE continue to pray, the next 48 hours are crucial to see if he can keep it up on his own or if they will have to reinsert the tube. So for the next 48 hours pray hard!

June 11th, 2020

Wednesday Update Number 2:

Doctor just called, he did the bronchoscopy and there was not much secretion, thank the Lord. His airway is a little swollen, which is to be expected. He had thought about taking the tube out now but since it is late afternoon he prefers trying it in the morning instead of him maybe having problems or complications during the night. He says he will be there tomorrow morning very early and will start the process of taking it out. Dad is doing a fair amount of breathing on his own now, instead of the machine, which is good. When doing the bronchoscopy, sedation was lowered and he was awake and following commands.

June 10th, 2020

Wednesday Update:

Just FaceTimed. Oxygen is at 35%! Peep is 8! The kidney is working well still at 1.3. No fever! The MRSA is in his lungs but is being treated with antibiotics and his white blood count is at 9.2 (yesterday it was at 14.2) which is great. He is also on antifungal medication. They again turned off the sedation to see his reaction this morning and he followed commands but then got agitated so they turned the sedation back on but lower than normal and he is doing good with it low. The camping med they are giving him through the feeding tube is working well and keeping him calm. The bronchoscopy is scheduled for 2:00 pm today and depending on how it looks they will try to pull the tube out this evening or tomorrow morning. Let’s pray the bronchoscopy goes well and there isn’t much secretion so they can take the tube out. Also, let’s pray he is able to breathe on his own and respond well.

June 10th, 2020

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