Quarantine Mind Dump: Together In Unity

  • We have been back in Taiwan for five/six days or so now. We are on day 5 of our 14-day quarantine. We feel great, with no sickness, praise the Lord. We are just required to do this quarantine as a precaution coming back in.
  • I am thankful for my missionary friends. Two missionaries who live in our current city, Charlie San Juan and John Flowers, have been a huge encouragement and blessing to me. Charlie led the church for the first month while we were gone. John also filled in preaching several times and helped with so many “practical” things such as paying bills, airport runs, and helping with the house. All 3 of us serve with different mission boards, but we serve the same Lord Jesus and the unity of the brethren has been sweet. (Psalm 133:1)
  • Two other missionaries that have also been a particular blessing have been John Walz and Kanon Bloom. We serve with the same mission board. Kanon was able to lead the church the second month we were gone and now while we are in quarantine. He has also been able to help with the many errands that we have, bills to be paid, etc. John also was able to send several of the men he has trained to preach at different times over the past two months. What a blessing!
  • If we can keep this true brotherhood where we really care and help one another without care about who gets the credit, then I believe we are going to see God do great things here in Taiwan, and not just here, but its effects will ripple around the world.
  • I am excited to get back to work. I would say over the past year I experienced some sort of “burn out”. I knew something was up, but couldn’t put my finger on it. The Lord has been giving me the “rest” that I needed and the “refocused” attention back on Him. In Him there is Victory. This is a spiritual battle and I am on the right side, the winning side. God has never left me, nor is he done with me, I am being molded into His image. May I be a reflector of His grace.
  • Some things in the “dream” stage right now are starting a second church and buying a piece of property for the ministry here i.e. church building. Once we are able to go out of our house, we will be looking into these two dreams more in-depth.
  • Pray request: Once we are out of quarantine, we are planning to look for a new house and move. Pray, we can find a reasonably sized and priced house. We want to be closer to the church plant(s) and save money on our monthly expenses. Pray for an easy transition out of our current contract and a smooth transition into our new contract.
  • Pray for Taiwan, China, Asia. Check out the new “Our Field” page.
  • Pray for the pastors in China who are dealing with persecution. Check out the new “Persecution Timeline” page. We need more men to surrender and go to China. The more missionaries they kick out or intimidate to leave, the more we need to go in. We call this the pipeline. Will you surrender your life and go to China even if you will endure some persecution?
  • A blog is great for writing new content, but not so much for finding old content. Recently, I discovered how to list out all blog posts organized by category. You can check out the selected blog posts or all blog post in an easy to glance format.

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Underground Jiaohui Conference | October 16-17, 2020 | The Underground Jiaohui Conference is exclusively for those who would consider how they can orient their lives to make an impact in China for the gospel. Lead by Vision For China missionaries with Vision Baptist Missions, the conference will encompass both preaching and practical teaching on China, the underground church, and the immense need for gospel laborers. Topics will include praying for China, boldness amid persecution, language and culture acquisition, and strategy for mission. The most exciting aspect of the conference is sure to be the time between sessions to get to know missionaries to China, ask them your questions, hear their stories, and discover their heart for making Jesus known in the most populous country on earth!
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