Mind Dump: Hospital, Blessings, Fundraising, Blog Series

  • Hospital – Natasha got sick a few days ago, and it wasn’t getting better. So we finally came to the hospital, and after some tests, they diagnosed her with colitis. The doctor said she would have to stay here for a few days to get the medicine through IV. Please pray for a quick recovery.
  • God has been good to us! The church has seen 4 Taiwanese make professions of faith recently. Two were from my wife’s Bible study, another was from Kanon studying the Bible with a man who contacted our church, and the fourth was a 14-year-old boy I led to the Lord; he had started coming around the church after Kanon met him passing out tracts.
  • Kevin’s Story: A 14-year-old boy came by the church a couple of weeks ago on a Saturday night. We preached the gospel to him and gave him a Bible. He asked if he could keep it at the church because his parents would get upset that he had a Bible. So instead, I gave him an audio player that had the Bible and some preaching on it so that he could keep learning. He said he was listening to it. The following week he came back for our youth night, and we continued to study the Bible. That night he got saved. He even took the Bible and material home with him. He continues to come to our youth night and also came this Sunday. Pray for Kevin.
  • China Pastor’s Fund | A Different Approach – UPDATE: We are at 75.5% of our goal for the China Pastors Fund! Excited as more church plants are taking place in mainland China! For more info, click here.
  • Taiwan Building Fund | Special Giving Opportunity – UPDATE: This month, we just launched a fundraising campaign for purchasing a building for the church plant here in Taoyuan, Taiwan. Will you prayerfully consider getting involved? Click Here for More Info & Church Plant Updates
  • I normally don’t write about different current events that are going on, but I felt compelled to earlier this year, and it helped me think through them. Here is a 3-part SERIES from the blog that you might have missed: Live In The Light: Condemning Racism & Engaging Culture
  • As the pandemic took over 2020, I had a unique perspective, leading ministries in more than one country. Naturally, as I answered questions about how to respond for myself and think through these issues, another SERIES on the blog came forth: COVID-19 Related.

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